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      what are examples of codominant and multiallelic traits? it would be appreciated if i get the answer sooner than later please. (by Wedsnesday) 😕

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      codominace: you have red and white flowers and when you cross them, if you get a one that has red and white spots (means carries both of the parents’ characteristics together) this is codominance. I can give you the AB group (blood) as an example.

      multiallelic traits: When many genes are possible for a trait. As an example I can again give the ABO blood system. A,B,O is possible. But note that the locus can have only 2 of them.

      hope this helped… 🙂

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      It took me a really long time to understand polialelism. As i was thinking it, all the alleles were present in one individual. This is wrong, i know it now. Poliallelism means more alleles on the level of population, each individual has 2 of them

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