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      charles brough

      the evolution of the material world is not the same as biological evolution. Care to explain the different properties of the two?


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      The biological evolution often refers to the process in which some inherited traits in a population become more common relative to others through successive generations. This includes both pre-existing traits as well as new traits introduced by mutations. Over time, the processes of evolution can lead to speciation: the development of a new species from existing ones. All life is a result of such speciation events and thus all organisms are related by common descent from a single ancestor.

      As for the evolution of the material world, I think the evolution counts when the earth rotate; ie. the days and years keep moving. From, let’s say as an eg. 1923 to 2006 (an example).

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      Big difference is that evolution of life relies on reproduction and heritability.

      Material "evolution" is something completely different, in that forces act directly on physical objects or processes to change them.

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      todays view of evolution is that man evolved from the "monkey", which is hideous

      evolution is a theory species changing overtime due to adaption to better fit their environments with a emphasis on natural selection

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