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      i want to know valid difference beetween EST,STS,GSS .i know only fullform of this 3 &little about EST..

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      like first link on Google 🙄 … hSTS.shtml
      STS is obviously a marker, so it has nothing to do with ESTs and GSSs

      EST is sequence got from mRNA (i.e. after splicing and stuff), while GSS is from the genomic DNA

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      In addition, STS and EST are markers use in physical mapping of genome.

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      Sourav Pan

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      In the field of bioinformatics, the terms EST, STS, and GSS refer to different types of DNA sequences and their respective roles. Here’s a brief explanation of each term:

      1. EST (Expressed Sequence Tag):
        • ESTs are short DNA sequences derived from the transcribed region of genes.
        • They are generated through a process called cDNA sequencing, where the complementary DNA (cDNA) is synthesized from messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules.
        • ESTs are useful for identifying and studying gene expression patterns, as they represent portions of genes that are actively transcribed.
        • They provide valuable information about the genes expressed in specific tissues or under certain conditions.
      2. STS (Sequence Tagged Site):
        • STSs are short DNA sequences that are unique and easily identifiable within a genome.
        • They are typically around 100-500 base pairs in length.
        • STSs serve as landmarks or molecular markers in genome mapping and DNA sequencing projects.
        • These markers allow researchers to anchor or link genetic and physical maps, aiding in the identification and mapping of genes of interest.
      3. GSS (Genome Survey Sequence):
        • GSSs are random DNA sequences obtained from various regions of a genome.
        • They are typically short sequences, often ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand base pairs in length.
        • GSSs provide a snapshot of the genomic DNA composition and can help identify regions of interest, such as coding sequences, repetitive elements, or conserved genomic regions.
        • GSS data is commonly used for comparative genomics, genome assembly, and annotation.

      In summary, ESTs are derived from transcribed genes and provide information about gene expression, STSs serve as markers for genome mapping, and GSSs represent random sequences sampled from a genome, providing a broad view of its composition.


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      Thanks for this interesting solution!

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      some general possibilities based on common usage of similar acronyms:

      1. EST:
        • Eastern Standard Time: A time zone in North America, typically UTC-5 hours.
        • Electroshock Therapy: A medical treatment involving the induction of a seizure for therapeutic purposes.
      2. STS:
        • Secure Token Service: In the context of computer security, STS is often associated with systems that issue security tokens for authentication.
        • Space Transportation System: Refers to NASA’s Space Shuttle program, which was officially called the Space Transportation System.
      3. GSS:
        • General Social Survey: A sociological survey used to collect data on social trends and attitudes in the United States.
        • Global Site Selector: In the context of networking, GSS may refer to a device that helps route network traffic to the most appropriate server.

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