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      I’m not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but I’ve googled a biology forum and this one seemed really good.

      There is this company called Aquasource who sell AFA algae. Turns out it’s not algae it’s bacteria. In the description of their products they’ve put bold claims about the ‘healing’ power of those ‘algae’.

      One thing I found interesting is that they claim that AFA contain a lot of chlorophyll and I thought photosynthetic bacteria don’t have chlorophyll.

      So the question is, where can I check that for sure? And ultimately, do AFA bacteria contain chlorophyll?


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      No, some bacteria do have chlorophyll. Hey chloroplast used to be bacteria 🙂
      A little more details here:

      However the claim that chlorophyll would have any healing power is "woo"le different story. And a quick look at one of the website show me that :
      – they use an affiliate system that is usually not really the hallmark of reputable companies, see here and links inside for more about how those work.
      – They make claim that are quite dubious (removal of radioactive substance in the body, seizure reduction in case of epilepsy,..) and definitely not subtantiated.

      In conclusion, this will certainly be very efficient for the weight loss… of your wallet

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      The thing is, internet is full of the propaganda and you can’t really easily find a reliable source on the topic.

      Wikipedia says some cyanobacteria have chlorophyll but they’re not even the same class as the "AFA algae".

      Yeah, those multimarketing companies are junk I know, yet I was wondering how could so many people believe in that. How could there be so many sites claiming almost miraculous effects. And the one thing that strike me was chlorophyll in those "algae"…

      Yeah, thanks for answering, that’s what I thought too.

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      Actually that link you gave me kind of says cyanobacteria have chlorophyll.

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      cyanobacteria do have chlorophyll: chlorophyll a even, the exact same one as in higher plants. However, there is no proven health benefit of chlorophyll (that I know of).

      How could so many people believe unsubstantiated claims? Lol, i suggest you look into the phenomena of religion, astrology etc. Critical thinking is a feature most of our planet lacks

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