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      Any of you have a favorite book that compiles the evidence of evolution in one book?

      I think evolution is correct, and that creation is a myth once told, but I would like to see more evidence for my own sake.

      So any suggestions would be great.


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      Participant is a great website specifically debunking creationism, but every well written biology book is a testament to evolution.

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      Hi auglyorgan,

      The last 150 years have produced countless studies in support of evolution, and any basic textbook on the subject will offer a variety of these. My recommendation, though, is to read "On the Origin of Species". The writing style of the day can be a bit tedious, but if arguments from 150 years ago can convince, then all the modern studies sometimes only seem like icing on the cake.

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      Yeah I am going to read that next. Right now I am reading The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins. So far I am 100 pages in and its amazingly interesting. I love his writing style.

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      I’m a big fan of Dawkins, as long as he’s talking genetics and evolution, and I would also recommend everything he’s written on these subjects. You might also try The Blind Watchmaker and The Extended Phenotype. The Selfish Gene has become a classic, deservedly. The God Delusion put me off, though, since I generally dislike frothing at the mouth. Our views about religion are quite similar, but I felt he became a bit too disrespectful for my tastes.

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