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      First "the" material elements are created, by EXTREME work(hardness).
      Every specie starts out as a one celled being and becomes perfect. So people have to be good and not eat "animals". They are beings with emotions. That are striving to find the one they love and being perfect(smart, beauty) God. All beings are working to trying to become perfect. A fish ( will be like us in(relativity to us on air) maybe a trillion years a moose a sheep a cow (a billion). They are all beings that have the right to live. They all have a soul and a existence like us(that expands after every reincarnation). New us es. The earth is forever. All species are on their way away from gravity(the creation point) and the centrifugal forces is heaven. The expanding force of the universe.

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      this is scientific forum. Unless you don’t have any biology-related problem, do not spam here.

      I was just curious. Why do you think, that God is she? I think in most languages is God he 🙂

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      You must have this forum confused with the emotional-assertions forum. 😆

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