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      Hi everyone,

      I’m no science whiz by any means, but am fascinated by the future of it. I just finished reading Lee M. Silver’s book REMAKING EDEN was very impressed with the scope and depth it gave into the possible future of designer babies and how easy it was for a newbie like me to understand. It reminded me of several articles on Posthumanism/Post-human Gods I read about.

      I was wondering if there were any books you might recommend that deal with similar topics about this potential future and possible risks that might be associated with it. I’m particularly interested in the idea of artificial red and white blood cells that may one day be created and used in order to further our physical capabilities. I believe they are called respirocytes and microbivores and then I read about the idea of posthuman smart skin.

      Are there any books that deal with these topics? Thanks in advance!

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      well there are tons of books … 0192177540

      John Harris is a strong advocate of gene therapy technologies. … 047&sr=1-1

      Michael Sandel is against gene therapy.
      It’s usually a good idea to read both sides of a story.

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