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      By just looking at a dna sequence can we deduce the gene sequence i.e. coding sequences present in between non coding sequences? If so what are the methods to find by just SEEING it?

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      Yeah you can look for the promotors sequences. One is the TATA box which is mostly made of of Ts and As but the no very in differnet organisms and is at -10 bp. The consensus sequence of it (average) being TATAAT. There is another sequence at -35 bp which has the consensus sequence of TTGACA.

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      We can’t say for sure, but we can speculate based on concensus sequences. TATA box is a concensus for a promotor like Sepals said, other sequences mark splice sites etc. Tha way to do it is to use a computer program which takes in account as many parameters as it can to predict the answer to your question.

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      Like Bioedit which can be d/l free here:

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