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      Hi! I usely read about genes located on a specific chromosome code for a specific protein. genes code for, among other things, for polypeptids, and most proteins consist of more than one polypeptid. is it more correct to say that several genes code for one protein, that consist of more than one polypeptid? or can one gene code for a protein with several polypeptids? perhaps by means of alternative mRNA splicing?

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      Follow this rule:
      One gene one peptide.
      From there multiple genes may work together to make multiple peptides that create a polypeptide protein or otherwise work independently to cause an expression of a single thing. It depends on what you are looking at. You could have a variety of different things going on such as epistasis or even genes working together to regulate one another and cause a finished product. In this topic there is no general umbrella you can put it all into.

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