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      Normal (wild type) strains of the fruit fly Drosphila melanogaster have greysih brown bodies if developed on food media free of silver salts, but have yellow bodies if certain silver salts are added to the food on which the larvae develop. strains homozygous for the reccessive allele ‘yellow ‘ (y) have a yellow body colour regardless of whether their food contains silver salts or not.

      You have single living yellow fruit fly and the food on which it has developed is unknown; you also have a stock of normal (wild type) fruit flies.

      Descibe how you would proceed to find out whether or not the yellow body-colour of the single yellow individual was genetically or environmentally produced.

      plz help

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      your would use a genetic diagram to see it was genetic. it has a mutiple allele so u do the genetic diagram with male and female of the fruitfyl and u look at the genotype (offspring ) if the result are the sam e as the one inquestion then it is genetic and not evironmental.

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