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      Marlou en Rowan


      I had an experiment last week, and I was wondering why yeasts doesn´t grow at 10, 20 and 60 degrees. Can somebody explain to me why it doesn´t grow?

      Thanks a lot for the person who can help me.

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      I had an experiment last week, and I was wondering why students in a short and a golf shirt can’t do their homework at -4, 5 and 60 degrees. Can somebody explain to me why they refuse to work?

      Of course this is a pun, to basically tell you to do some research before asking us to do your homework for you. But, somehow, the reason would probably be the same. Think about the role of temperature in chemical reactions, and in molecules stability.

      Good luck

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      Marlou en Rowan

      This isn´t my homework, I´m very interested in biology. I´m a student. So I wanted to do this experiment, and I want just to know the answer. Can somebody else help me? 😯

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      But I really gave you elements to get an answer!

      What happens when you put egg white at 60ºC? Egg white is made of proteins as weel as many enzymes necessary for yeast reproduction?

      Why do you put food in the fridge? And what happens when an insect goes into the fridge? why?

      Answering those questions may well help you find your answer. By the way, yeast grows at 20ºC

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      Marlou en Rowan

      Thanks a lot, I understand it now and go futher with some experiments !

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      hi i think i can help u in this matter but u need to analyse the thing in normal and natural rather than an complicated and laboratry manner
      all the micro organisms which we take in order for our studies in lab definetly has some or the other natural source .so when we r working with them in the lab we need to provide the same type of environment
      for example
      E-COLI which we work with in nature is found in intestine of human where the temp is 35 – 40 hence we in lab keep them at 37 in aerobic conditions
      if any other organism is taken which we obtained from water like salmonella taiphe we incubate it at 24
      like wise the organism ur intrested grows optimum at 30 bellow or above that temp its not that it will not grow but its growth rate will decrease due to the mal function of certain enzymes
      i think u got it
      ur friendly

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      Marlou en Rowan

      You also thanks 🙂 .

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      First of all, what type of yeast did you work on? And how did you conduct the experiment, did you use solid culture media or liquid media incubated at different temperatures? There might be experimental errors involved that prevented growth of your yeast.

      Just like what Canalon said, I’m pretty sure yeast grow on 20°C. I even think they can grow at 10°C albeit slowly. Notice some yeast spoilage of food left several weeks in your ref? Maybe you only need to incubate your yeast for a longer time to get noticeable growth. Remember yeast and fungi generally grows slower than bacteria so may not exhibit growth within 24 hours.

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