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      Is hair dyeing dangerous???? I mean, the various kinda colours…will there be a side effect?????

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      I don’t think so, since I’ve known plenty of people who’ve done it without any side effects at all. My understanding is that you’re just putting chemicals on your hair, and not actually into your body. So even if you did do something to your hair (like dry it out, or dye it a bad color), it’ll still grow out and the problem will be gone.

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      If you have ever been to hair salon, you can smell the strong chemicals and it is advised that you dont die your hair while being pregnant, inhaling those fumes could be detrimental. You can tell from the smell of the peroxide and whatever else they put in there. Otherwise as Khaiy said you are jsut putting it on your hair and. although it may damage and dry out your hair if you continue to dye the same hair way too often , especially if you are dying it lighter, it will get brittle, but that will grow out 🙂

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      I mean to say… Will it result in hair loss ans stuff like that???

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      hair loss? probably not.
      our hair, when it comes out of the scalp, it is already a dead protein filament with a living end still attached to the hair follicle deep in your head. so, practically anything that you did with your hair will not affect how it grows. however i’m not familiar with the chemical used in hair dye and how they work. my guess is if their action is confined to the surface, your hair should be fine 😆 😆 😆

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      February Beetle

      I have always heard that if you died your hair a lot it would damage it permanently. I am meaning a few times a month is bad. I had nothing to back this up, though. I have just always heard that it won’t grow out normally if you mess it up too much. Has anyone heard this or anything to disprove this? I have heard also your hair can fall out if you dye it too much, but that would probably grow back. I’m sure someone at a hair solon would know.

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