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      Okay, I have nitroglycerin at 5mg/ml (in liquid form).
      My mice need a dose of 10mg/kg.
      I have 8 mice weighing approximately 30g.
      How do I figure out how to dilute to the proper concentration and volume?
      I think I need to use C1V1=C2V2, but I don’t know how to get the end result.
      PLEASE HELP!!!

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      You do not need C1V1=C2V2.
      Your mice need 10 mg/kg and weight 0.03 kg, calculate X (in mg) the total amount to inject.
      You have a 5 mg/ml solution divide x by 5 and you know Y the number of ml you need to inject.

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      I am still confused….I can use c1v1=c2v2…but I guess what I really need to know is how I get C2?
      With a C2 of 1mg/ml, and If I am injecting .3ml for a .03kg mouse, then how did I get to this point?
      For 8 mice weighing approx 30g each (+a little extra just in case) I was given this information.
      C1= 5mg/ml
      V1= .8ml
      C2= 1mg/ml
      I need to add saline to the nitroglycerin to get the proper concentration, dose and volume. I’m lost…

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      OK the complete solution for a 30g mouse you need
      0.03kg x 10 mg/kg = 0.3mg per mouse
      so with your initial solution you are suppose to inject 0.06ml or 60µl.
      If you prepare a 1mg/ml solution, 300µl are necessary

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      Ok now that totally makes sense! Thank you so much for your help, I know i must seem absolutely retarded. I swear I am not!

      One last question. How would I prepare the 1mg/ml solution with the original concentration that i have which is 5mg/ml nitrolgycerin?

      and I also understand how you got to .3mg per mouse, but how did you convert that to 300microliters per mouse? Because that makes sense, we inject .3ml for a 30g mouse.

      Thanks you again, i dont know why i cant wrap my head around this

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      1/ dilute 5 times, or in this case use the c1v1=c2v2
      2/ 1mg/ml means that you have 1mg of product in 1ml of solution. if you want 0.3 mg of product, how much solution?

      PS: brain usage is not optional.

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      maybe I am pretty late lol, but it would be useful for all forum users – there is a free ml to l converter which is super handy for such tasks.

      You’re welcome

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