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      I would like some help with this question from my Microbiology class … I’m not sure if I am correct, it sounds sort of weird (for lack of a better term) … I do have an answer however ….

      A microbiologist describes an organism as a chemoheterotrophic aerotolerant, mesophilic, facultatively halophilic bacillus. Describe the organism’s metabolic and structural features in plain English.

      Chemoheterotrophs – use organic compounds for energy and carbon (like humans – we eat food and release CO2)
      Aerotolerant- prefers anaerobic conditions but can tolerate low levels of oxygen
      Mesophilic – microbe requiring temps ranging from 20 C to 40 C
      Facultative – can live with or without something
      Halophile – require saline environment
      – so this is a rod shaped microbe that eats food and is able to survive in the presence of oxygen that grows best at moderate temperatures and that can grow in high salt concentrations

      Any help with this would greatly be appreciated!!!

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      Sounds OK to me, excepts maybe the "eats food" part. Although I guess it is correct.

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      Thanks canalon … the "eats food" part was sort of out of desperation … I couldn’t think of anything else 😀

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