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      1. Immunity conferred by antibody are called
      I natural immunity
      II humoral immunity
      III cell-mediated immunity
      IV non-specific

      My answer: I and III

      2. After enterring host, the mechanism in host defence system are

      I cell-mediated immunity
      II humoral immunity
      III Inflammation
      IV skin

      my answer: I,II and III

      3. Which of the following is false

      I arthrospore -formed through fermentation
      II sporangiospore – formed in hyphae
      III conidiospore – formed in chains
      IV chlamydiospore – formed in sacs

      My answer: other than II might be correct, no idea. ❓ Is there any simple way to answer this sort of question?

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      Isnt it in your book anywhere?

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      the answer to 1st must be II and I in some cases.

      in 3rd question,the answer maight be II as the spores are borne in sporangia and not directly in hyphae.

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