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      I just read this on wikipedia, it’s from an article about Aleksandr Oparin. Could somebody dumb it down for me? 😳

      "At first there were the simple solutions of organic substances, the behavior of which was governed by the properties of their component atoms and the arrangement of those atoms in the molecular structure. But gradually, as the result of growth and increased complexity of the molecules, new properties have come into being and a new colloidal-chemical order was imposed on the more simple organic chemical relations. These newer properties were determined by the spatial arrangement and mutual relationship of the molecules."

      Basically what it says is that organic molecules became more complex due to their arrangement and then continued to evolve from there, right?

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      quote Fromage:

      Could somebody dumb it down for me? 😳

      …… start as a "1", then, depending on how you react with other "1’s" (2,3,4,etc.), you make a new…thing. For example. 10.


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      haha okay… so what you’re saying is that simple organic molecules like amino acids formed, and the more of those "1’s" there were, the more they joined to form macromolecules (such as 2,3,4). Riiight?

      I’m just trying to make sure my understanding isn’t flawed.

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      Amino acids joints to the polymer becouse of the thret chemical properties:
      amino groupe at the one side: NH3+
      and acid groupe on the anorthe: COO-
      This groupe can to atake one anothe and form a polimere.

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      It is formed billions of combinations of chemical reactions in differant compound…. of premordial soap….. then proteins ;RNA…. survived…

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