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      Hi there, I have a bit of a really weird question to ask. I hope that this is an accepted subject matter, but I can understand if it is seen as offensive. I don’t mean to have this discussion for any purpose other than for understanding.

      Basically, what could possibly be the biological causes for sexual stimulation due to hearing hiccups in others? Not personal hiccups, but hiccups coming from other people. My girlfriend, and after researching it on the web I know that a good deal of other people as well, has this… situation, I guess. I don’t know what to call it other than a fetish, and I’d rather not call it that in this forum of discussion.

      A little bit of online searching led me to discover that there is a connection between hiccuping and a nerve bundle called the vagus nerves, or something like that. But the problem here is that the hiccuping is coming from other people, not from my girlfriend. She gets hiccups quite often, but I do not know if she enjoys her own hiccups or not. I do not believe she does, or at least not to the extent that she enjoys hiccups coming from others.

      Anyways, if there’s any other information that anyone would like I would be happy to provide it, that is if I can. I don’t know much about it other than what my girlfriend has told me and she is not very open on the subject as it has been a source of a great deal of discomfort for herself in the past and probably still is.

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      sorry, no scientific theory from me (only ban 😛 :lol:), but I would suggest it’s simply some sort of fetish, like someone can have for stockings or some other sort of clothes.
      Although I remember I have read something that one can get excited by particular smell or music, if one has connected it previously with sex.

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