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      I’m interested in a HIV and problems with its treatment. As far as I know the biggest problem is that current antiviral drugs don’t kill the virus but just slow down virus spreading in the organism. The virus accumulates mutations so that its proteins become resistant to treatment. There are a lot of data about these mutations, summarized here and here, a lots of programs that can tell which resistant mutations has HIV isolate from a patient, predict the development of other resistant mutations (such as accessory mutations) and so on. Since I’m studying bioinformatics and am familiar with methods of mutation analysis I became interested in this science field. But I still do not know much about this topic, about what is still unknown and what has been studied well (amounts of information are really huge).
      Can you please recommend me some specialized HIV research forums or societies where I can ask people who have been working in this field for a long time and can answer my questions about HIV resistance; where I can understand what should be done next and in what work the science world (and medicine, of course) would be interested? I’d be very glad if those scientists can be found here.

      Thanks for your help!

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      I’m afraid they cannot. Look for some conferences, which cover this kind of topic and there will you find relevant information.
      However, the fastest way is probably to look on and search for articles regarding HIV and stuff or contact people responsible for the databases you have linked to and ask them.

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