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      Ok, well there were about 75 questions I had to do. I’ve done most, but have alot of blanks. I’ve checked the internet and my book. But still nothing.
      It would be great if you could help me 😉

      About the cell.

      Answer as many as you can, please.

      -Membrane enclosed region in a cell

      -A network of microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments

      -A small membranous bag

      -A cluster of protein-synthesizing organelles

      -A water-soluble small basic protein often associated with nucleic acids

      -Nonliving, outside cell membrane

      -_______ membrane (starts with p, 6 letters)

      – Commonest protein in muscles

      – An intramembranous protein that binds to a substance being transported

      – Where raw materials of ribosomes are made

      -Structures on the cell membrane that are composed of simple sugars and amino acids

      -Structure from which a chromosomal microtubule arises

      – Composed of glycerol and fatty acids (Ends in D, 5 letters)

      – Structure composed of phospholipids

      -network of DNA and histones

      -Site of final precessing of membrane proteins, proteins and polysaccharides for export

      – A thin skin or membranous coating

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      If your text book doesn’t answer those questions you’ve got the wrong text book..

      Basic Cellular structure
      Eukaryotic nucleus
      Intracellular transport
      Cellular membranous structures

      [PS:Most common protein(s) in muscles are actin, myosin, and desmosome junctions.]

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      The structure composed of phospholipids is the phospholipid bilayer, which has integral proteins, periphery proteins, sphingolipids (which form the lipid rafts), among many other things.

      There’s one for you, but I agree with keenangp, your text book should definitely cover those topics, and Google is a good start to answer your questions, just make sure the source is reliable.

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