Biology Forum Cell Biology How does nitrogen get across the cell membrane?

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      Please help me, I need your input! I have a major research paper almost due on the topic: How does nitrogen get across the cell membrane? I know this has to be easy but science is not my forte and I would appreciate any kind of help you might be able to give. Thank you, Lina

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      What form of nitrogen are you asking about? What molecule is it a part of?

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      Nitorgen is a gas, like oxygen and CO2. IT’s molecule is small, so it moves through the cell membrane through diffusion.
      Here is something very interesting on this topic:
      When you dive into deep water, as pressure grows, nitrogen dissolves into your blood and then into the brain cells. The effect on the brain is narcotic: it is called the drunkenness of the deap. If you surface quickly, the nitogen that was disolved into your blood returnes too the state of gas and can tear your arteries and venes appart: that is why you should surface slowly, so you can eliminate the nitrogen as it formes.

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