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      Hi all! (first post) πŸ™‚

      Im working on this "multiple choise" – test, and there is one question about enzymes that is bugging me.

      Which is _not_ correct? :

      a) In the transformation of S (substrat) to P (product), an enzyme will push the equilibria towards P.

      b) If you lower the temperature for enzyme reactions, the speed of reaction may increase.

      So, in my lectures (also i belive i’ve read it somewhere) im thought that higher temperature means faster ezyme- reactions. Also, in my biochemistry book (Lehninger: principles of biochemistry) it says on p. 186, ch. 6.2 under "Enzyme affect reaction rates, not equilibria" that well yeah… "catalysts do not affect reaction equlibria"

      and from wikipedia:

      "Increases in temperatures speed up reactions. Thus, temperature increases help the enzyme function and develop the end product even faster. However, if heated too much, the enzyme’s shape deteriorates and only when the temperature comes back to normal does the enzyme regain its shape. Some enzymes like thermolabile enzymes work best at low temperatures."

      EDIT: seems to me a and b are both incorrect, but there is only one "correct" πŸ™‚ answer! can someone help me? πŸ˜•

      EDIT 2: i have eliminated the three other possibilities: (S binds to Enz. active site, a "good" enz. reaction happens at high speed, after a single reaction the enzyme is available to catalyse a new reaction)

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      when something is heated, it moves around more

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      yeah i know, but what if u heat the enzyme activity to much? won’t the enzyme activity decrese?

      If u jump into an active vulcano your enzyme activity would be pretty low, i guess… it might get higher if u cool down some… ^^

      maybe i did a bad job formulating, in stead of "the speed of reaction may increase", "… Might increase" would be better… im kinda translating it from norwegian πŸ˜›

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      the answer is a, because you’re asking, which one is NOT correct πŸ˜‰

      also, you wrote you have MULTIPLE choice test πŸ˜‰

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      thanks man! I was going for a in the end also.

      multiple choise yes, had eliminated the three other options as correct answears, so did not really bother to post them in OP. πŸ˜€

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      wait a sec…
      i really didn’t think this test would mean if you were lowering the temp from denaturing levels… plus, if they reached this temp, the enzymes couldn’t reform, no?
      also, enzymes progress the reaction so wouldn’t a be correct? pushing it towards the product?

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      not really, enzymes change only speed, not equilibria!!!

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      the answer depends on many things

      actually its none
      but given the situation Jackbean is right when he says the answer is a (i.e. a is incorrect definitely).

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      so the keyword is equilibria… all righty

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