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      I’m seeking informationa and discussion on the human collembola infestations. This topic has been touched in other forums in Human Biology but not discussed directly. I would like to share, test and discuss some of my own finding and theories as well as others presented in other forums.

      I would like to being with understanding if and where any research projects are dedicated this parasitic condition.

      Thank you,

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      Hi there ,
      I am terrified bevcause I believe I have this as well as my little four year old.
      I would like to know if you were ever tested and where.
      Please devulge any information that may be able to help me.
      I cannot get any antibiodics for my son or for myself.
      I feel as though I am deteriating daily.
      thank you for any help

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        I’m infested with tiny springtails and glassworm larvae that bundle themselves up into a almost microscopic bundle of cacooned lint. Mine are creating these cacoons out of my morgellons fibers they find and once they make the lint fuzz balls that I suspect they eat, they burrow into my skin or follicles, I’m not yet sure which but when they do this it causes a biting stinging sensation and u can feel them crawling on u too. 1955 swedish bug expert documented 18 out of 20 patients complaining of being bitten and crawling sensations that were having black brown or white specks and glittery specks coming from their skins were actually infested with parasitic springtails that were found burrowed in skin scrapings. The springtails eat other springtails and their eggs causing specks plus their white molted skin and bug poop and the glitter is dried sperm that the males lay. The national pediculosis association has also found an increasingly alarming amounts of humans being infested causing lesions or dermatitis from them.  I can’t paste links to my YouTube vids showing these bugs coming out of my skin after using a solution of water, hydrogen peroxide, borax, salt, cap of liquid oxy clean and white vinegar that kills them instantly and makes them ejected out of ur skin 90% of the time. It also dissolved calluses on my foot showing me a bunch that had formed morgellons fuzzy lint balls and these springtails and also glassworm larvaes that had hidden inside of the fibers had been burrowed into my soles. My YouTube page

        and you can watch a video of one still alive crawling slowly out of the lint alittle and the morgellons fibers moving which is why u feel crawling on ur skin cuz bugs r crawling and the fibers r moving too or two videos where the solution killed them and i recorded what they looked like in these fiber cacoons and w few that weren’t bundled. I have a few different species, white, black and yellow ones. Most humans being infested seem to have Lyme disease or morgellons because the Lyme makes u smell like a decomposing body to the bugs plus u have more fungus , fibers and bacteria in ur skin that they love to eat. I found my entire body’s infested but I’m heavily infected in the more moist places, armpits, under stomach, ears, eyes, inside nose, scalp, corners of mouth, and under breasts but mine r even in drier places. U can make my solution n spray everything and floors it helps kill eggs n the damn bugs

        Have a nice day!


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      This is terrible. You might be better perhaps to post on the fiber disease. I do not know, but believe that these arthropods live on plants, maybe systemically.

      Contact Mary at the Morgellons Research Foundation, and see if any of your clinical features might correspond with Morgellons, or the Fiber (Fibre) Disease.

      Contact Dr Amin, or read his literature (parasitologist).

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      damien james

      Is that same as springtails? My study partner is exterminator and says they are really bad this year because of moisture in area. You could try insecticide I think (but not on body of course). Or maybe insect repellent for skin?

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      colembolla oh no!!!
      Damien what do all the stages look like?
      We know it does not have a larva stage 😆
      I still have not found the answer to my unidentified bug. 🙁

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      I know that they dislike dryness, and feed on (among other things) other arthropod droppings and fungi.

      Some solutions can be prescribed for scalp and skin, but, if they are actually breeding on the scalp as a feature of Morgellons/fiber disease/neurocutaneous syndrome, then, perhaps, we are back to the Dr Schwartz protocol, or similar.

      Also, read what Cliff Mickelson has to say about the callus, and about the borg loving oxygen, as do springtails.

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      Hi everyone,
      I am writing to ask if anyone can please suggest what I should do.
      I had suspected that my son was possibly infested with Collembola and Morgellons. It unfortunately is true.
      Personally I discovered the symptoms in April, I have lost over 25 lbs now and have had wierd foriegn object in my stools (small black round balls, rice looking objects, and red thicker noodle ) what frighten me yesterday is that they are now much larger.
      Because of the collembola I have also loss hair,vision problems, and have developed a huge cyst inside my eye lid. (suspected an egg, but may not be)
      I was tested for parasites (neg) but of course never Collembola.
      My need is dire. I am baffled on how quickly this disease is debillatated.
      But unfortunately, what saddens me the most is that my four year olds health has turned for hte worse. He is having uncontrollable twitches all night, he is scratching like crazy, scalp, groin, under arm pits, feet.
      He runs a fever (at night) is clammy ,sweaty palms. He has small hard pimple like bites n his arm and feet.
      I have taken my son to our family doctor and Pediatrician. to no avail. Since his fever mainly comes at night, he looks fine during the day. (bites are explained as bites, but they are not going away. The other, explained as heat rash…etc…
      I have an immidiate emergency. I am so desperate but dont have anywhere to turn. Please help with any, absolutely any advise.
      Thank you all for listening.

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      Have you contacted your health Department yet? I would suggest you do that ASAP, they could help. Also, if you have health insurance call them and tell them what is going on. They have case workers for special needs and that is how I found my doctor.

      I got so fed up with being shuffled around and getting no where that I called my insurance company up, told them what was happening to me and that they needed to get me a doctor that would agree to either rule out or treat this specific condition before any more future appointments were made. And that I was not going to another doctor that never heard of it before again. 😡

      Not only did they go out of network, I got the biggest most prestigious doctor they could find! Not that it makes him any more knowledgeable about this but at least he is trying.

      Get your kid a lint brush, the sticky tape kind (pet ones work best) and tell him to use it where he feels movement. This should help some. You can also use it during the night on him if you see his sleep is being disturbed by the itch. Salt baths, sulfur powder, and garlic are our best defense without the antibiotics or other drugs.

      Wash all clothes in heavy ammonia and pick the fibers off as you launder.

      There is also a homeopathic remedy called Sulfur 6X that is safe for children. It is used for itch and rashes but it will also cause this stuff to exit. You may purchase this at any health food store for around seven bucks give or take a few cents.

      You may also think about purchasing the tea tree gel type lotion that I believe is made by a company called Jason. The health food store associates will be able to guide you to this product. It works better for kids IMO because it is not real greasy and feels really good.

      If you have any other questions please just ask. I am sorry to hear that your child and you suffer. Good luck and hang in there.


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      I am not sure if I sent this message to the appropriate site.
      I am in need of recommendations of hair products. I do use the Paul Mitchell products but seem uneffective once it dries. I am willing to try anything. Even if it isn’t for the hair.(oil/lotions etc..) as long as it doesn’t flake where that would be a worse scenario.
      I am having insects/flakes moving and popping off of my hair. It is quite embarrasing, not to mention uncomfortable, extremely itchy and hair frizz/almost standing straight up.
      Please help with any advise.

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      Figured I would jump in on this~Heck~I’ve been dealing with this for almost 5 years now. Here’s a good one for the skin when you just hop out of the shower. You know that sticky feeling that tries to win your skin back into miserable mode? Try Gold Bond ultimate comfort body powder. It’s the one in the white bottle and have found that it is not kept with the same original gold bond and other antifungal products but with the lotions and after shower products (at least at Wal Mart).

      In the shower, Physoderm body or face wash. Either one. Reason being, it contains salicyclic acid. Glycolic acid works great, too. I personally cannot live without these products.

      Want more? Contact Carolee at:
      she is awesome, shipping is VERY FAST and FREE. Her products also have been extremely relieving. Top 3~ For dry skin days are Emulsifying Cleanser….To literally remove the gook from your skin (also hair) Intensive Sea Cleanse and for the really bad days~ MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub. These are your 5 star products. Like I said, 5 years later, and a ton of money in search for relief. I might get a sore here or there. Just one and never more than 2. In the beginning, I had over 150 lesions, all on videotape to prove it.

      Now let me ask any of you this. Have you ever heard of any other disease being treated in this manor? Look at the globe, Not only have all 50 states reported it but it’s huge everywhere. They still try to label it as a delusional or psychological condition. Aids didn’t even beat this race and did they label it or treat it in the same manor? I think not.
      Anyone with me here? Don’t exhaust yourself for answers. I honestly don’t think we’ll get them here. This is a deep one and I think our cure just might come with repenting and turning from our wicked ways. Our children are under what we do and who we are which means this is for them, too.
      Please know that I am not trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers, I have them too but from what I understand, this is a plague and indeed it is. I have heard that if we DO NOT repent and turn from our wicked ways, this is going to be WAY worse than what it is right now.

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      I want to thank you for all that great advise. I truly appreciate any , and I truly mean any information, suggestion’s on this topic as well as Morgellon’s.
      If you have any other pertinent information please forward.
      I would like to know if you are aware of anyone in Virginia (who does not mind disclosing e-mail/phone # )who might have this. I was hoping to speak to them. They may be able to direct me towards resources , physicians that may have helped.
      I thank you for your support and guidance.

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      Hi Deena,

      I know what you mean, but I do not think that this disease is the fault of the sufferer. You are not the one who has indulged in wicked ways here!

      Those who have, or know who has, (if applicable) should not only repent but confess openly so that the proper treatment can be made available to all, including the poor little children.

      Meanwhile, consult a knowledeable health care professional in order to obtain accurate diagnosis and full treatment.

      See the writings of Ginger Savely on this, (Nurse Practitioner in San Francisco).

      Her regimen of treatment has much in common with Dr Schwartz’s excellent protocol.

      Topical treatments can help greatly as an adjuct to systemic treatment, but check in case anything considered may be contraindicated at various points within the treatment programme.

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      Randy Focht

      I think that we have gotten an infestation in our home from the small tree outside our house. It was infested a couple months ago with what looked like a black mite, but now have only a few of those black pepper mites.

      Some possible items to consider:

      Tea tree oil
      Oregano oil mixed with olive oil
      ZenMed Support Serum with essential oils
      Natural Ginesis – Kleen Free Enzymes (everything?)
      MSN – carpet
      Borax (wash floor, clothes)
      Benza rid (poison for furniture, carpet – not for use on a person)
      Dermasil "S" (S for Scabes mites)

      Last night my lungs cramped so that I could not take a full breath. I may have my back out of place. Not sure if its internal or structure problem.

      Any suggestions appreciated.

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      After 8 years of suffering I finally found something that works, against black pepper mites. Its cheap and its available everywhere! No I am not connected to it money wise.

      Windex! I think its the ammonia but I am not going to monkey with success and try just ammonia. They can be biting me and I can spray them and they are dead in 30 seconds. I have chemical sensitivities but it does not seem to bother me. Just don’t spray it in your eyes, but don’t panic if you do. I did. It hurts. But my tears washed it away in a few minutes. If you spray where you have been scratching a lot it can burn but not anywhere except your eyes where you have not been.

      I had friends spray my entire house and I sprayed my cars and wow, what peace it is to sleep and not be nipped every few seconds all night long!

      Don’t bother with Kleengreen. It smells nice and the mites stop for a few seconds, then keep right on biting.

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      I had never heard of collembola or springtail, so I looked it up and found one abstract report by Laurie Barclay MD in Medscape.

      The report mentions examining 20 patients, convinced that they were infested with a parasitic infection and who had skin scrapings performed against control subjects.

      All 20 had the following findings in their skin scrapings: pollen, spores, hyphae, mycelium, algae and 18 had collembola. The controls were clear of all findings.

      The conclusions derived were that the symptoms were probably due to allergic reactions to pollen, fungi and spores. The collembola were thought to be opportunistic – they do not need to be human parasites in order to be present on the skin. They are abundantly found in wastewater and contaminated environments with high humidity and abundant organic debris.

      No medication was mentioned.

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      lol… maybe they had Morgellons

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      I also did a search and found that the features ascribed to Collembolans, which are particularly primitive insects, make no sense. primitive insects don’t have larvae or pupae, or cocoons, or many of the things supposedly found. The finding mentioned above, where collembolans might be present because there are other things to scavenge, makes more sense.

      The symptoms some people have described sound more like nematodes than arthropods.

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      Ok… here we go… been battling with this since the end of 2005, and I hope what I post here helps. Bare with me, it’s long.

      First off, for the (God bless you hon) lady who lost 25 pounds and her 4 year old son– when I was at my worst, in addition to skin regimens, which I will outline, you need to do an internal detox.

      You need vitamins! (Please take the vitamin c separate from the others if you can)

      Vitamin C– 2000-3000 mgs a day
      A, D, E, the b vitamins, l-lisene, omega 3 fish oil, calcium/magnesium/zinc, and selenium.

      Take twice a day

      Nature’s perfect food: I forget the distributor offhand. It tastes like sh*t, but it works.
      MSM, you can get this at — if this link don’t work, let me know and I will find it. It’s a natural antibiotic. I mixed it with the perfect food, just to take one horrible tasting drink at one time.

      You need to get a vacuum that uses bags, clean everyday if possible, and change bags daily. Beds: they nest in the beds and will keep biting you. Wrap and seal your mattress in plastic sheeting all the way around. Leave no holes, and don’t get the textured porous plastic. Stay away from thick bedding– use as thin blanets you can get away with, and change your sheets daily and wash them. Buy yourself a steam cleaner for your carpets. I always used ammonia in mine, but you really have to ventilate. I do suggest kleen-free– one person said don’t bother with it, but it worked well for me. You can put it in a soothing bath, spray your clothes with it, and put it in your steamer. Go to a shaklee distributor and buy some basic H. It draws out the bugs and both you and your son can use. Soak in it for 20 minutes nightly. With the kleenfree– you can also put it in a spraybottle with water, and spray yourself and your son at night before you go to bed, and again before you dress in the morning. be sure and air dry if you do this. Get diatomaceous earth. this can be sprinkled onto your carpets, and you can also rub it into your skin like a powder. in fact, it looks like loose face powder. sprinkle it in your shoes as well. there are places online this can be ordered. if you find they bite your feet in your shoes and you have trouble getting them out of your shoes and you cant afford to keep replacing them. get saran wrap, plastic packing tape, extra socks and buy a cheap pair of shoes 1 size too big. put on 1 pair of socks, saran wrap your feet and tape, then cover with another pair of socks, then shoes. if u dont use that first pair of socks, your feet will sweat.

      Sunlight! Bathe and swim as much as you can when summer comes. In the meantime, go to a tanning booth. Get some exfoliating skin lotion, put it on and go in for 8 minutes. You’ll have a dandy sunburn, but they will fry and peel off with the skin.

      diet: eliminate as many carbs as you can. For a while i ate almost no carbs and it helped greatly. stay away from sugar and refined products.

      Other things: braggs apple cider vinegar with mother, mixed with sea salt. It burns, but is very good.

      One thing to know about these things: if you see what I call a track, which looks like nothing more than a scratch, give that place special scare immediately, that means eggs are gonna hatch.

      Other things I have done and still do, just not as much: Bleach baths with 1/2 cup bleach to a tub full of water, alternate this with the basic h. it will dry your skin out, but it works amazingly well. soak 20 minutes, 10 as the symptoms reduce. It will appear you are getting worse, but it actually brings them out, and as you keep doing it, symptoms will lessen. after the bath, shower off, and you can follow up with vinegar if you can stand too. follow up with a spray of kleenfree, and powder yourself down with the diatomaceous earth.

      I moved southwest to the desert 9 mos ago, and I only have lingering annoying things, as the last bit of this likes to stick around. I have no furniture to speak of, what I do have is wrapped in plastic.

      Oh yes!!! PLASTIC SHEETING!!! Throughly clean all upholstery with the steamer, including your car. Cover ALL in plastic sheeting, including your car seats.

      laundry: AMMONIA!!!!!

      Another thing that works, esp. with the tracks:, you can order permethrin cream there, far cheaper than drug stores and w/o a prescription. Use this on your tracks, and for really bad places. Get a rough scrub brush, and use that in your baths instead of wash cloths.

      Too all of you, my best– I feel your pain. I am at the end of a long tough road, and I am hoping one more summer in the dry heat will finish these things off. I recommend joining the morgellons group on yahoo, a lot of good stuff can be found there. They speak highly of colloidal and sovereign silver, of which I have never tried.

      Good luck to all of you, and if you need help, just ask.

      Much love,

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      Once again beware of treatment over the internet. As it had been pointed earlier collembola infection is not likely the cause of problems. The suggestion above should be taken with care as for example:
      – amount of 2000mg a day of vitC are not recommended: … 002404.htm
      – sunburn will increase your chance of skin cancer
      – spraying ammonia solution can cause inhalation and/or ingestion of something that is a poison: … 002759.htm
      – colloidal silver ingestion has interesting side effects: … verad.html

      So once again: diagnosis and cure over the internet can be a source of problems.
      And any sugestions of morgellons is a good way to get banned on this site. Beware there won’t be any more warning.

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      I will respect the rules of this board, but there are a couple of things I wish to say. It puzzles me why the "M" word is a bannable offense, there are similarities in symptoms, but I won’t mention it again. Megadoses of any vitamins are never a good idea, but unless you have had this yourself, then you would agree that desparate times call for desparate measures. People that go to doctors with this get no help at all. These types of things have cost people their health, some, their jobs and homes, and even worse yet, some their children, and their lives! As for ammonia, as with any cleaning agent, great care is always to be taken. And as for silver, yes, it does do funky things to the skin. I knew of Agyria, me, I have never used it. But take a look at one popular drug for skin conditions: Enbril. Side effects of that are blood disorders and lymphoma! So one can see that big pharmaceuticals, in many cases are more poisonous than stuff people can get to treat themselves. Of course, internet should never replace a doctor, but when a doctor can’t or won’t help, sometimes the net, and others who have gone through these experiences, is/are the only things that others have to turn to.

      Shutting up now, and staying silent until asked to speak,

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      Just one explanation of the ban of the M-word:
      about1958.html and the 617 pages of mostly BS that followed. Including advice like yours, without any precautions stated.

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      From what i remember, 2000mg of vitamin C is the maximum an average human can tolerate without any side effects. The effects of hypervitaminose arise once you exceed 2000mg/day, but they are mostly diarrhea and stomach aches.
      However, others have suggested quantities much much greater: … on_intakes
      including Linus Pauling’s recommendation of 18000mg a day, which is kinda freeky. If you do have a Vit C deficiency, go with 40-90mg a day. It is enough.

      As Patrick said, scrutinize medical advice you receive over the internet as much as possible, especially if
      a. The person offering the advice does not cite medical sources
      b. He indicates places where you can buy the recommended drugs.

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      Since my first post, I have found that a pyrethrin spray called Clear Air Purge III can get rid of black pepper mites if you fog the whole house and car with it. You can buy it on the net, or have a pest control company do it.

      Concerning vitamin C, i take 2000 mgs and up, with no side effects. But I’ have digestive problems that interfere with my absorption of nutrients.

      I agree we should be careful of information on the internet. But many of us have had nothing but humoring from most doctors, expensive humoring that gets us no closer to a solution but does lighten our pocket books immensely. I have to help myself health wise in so many areas from sleep apnea, thyroid problems, adrenal problems, etc, and the black pepper mites. I had to self diagnose my Aspergers syndrome despite being in a psychiatrists office for antidepressants every three months for over 20 years. I had to pay six bucks on eBAY to purchase the respiratory technician’s secret instructions on how to up the CPAP flow on my machine because apparently air is a dangerous drug that can only be increased if you go through a thousand dollar sleep study again. The doctor would not listen to the fact allergies at home were making my sleep apnea much worse than showed up at the hospital clean sleep clinic which I was not allergic to, so a new sleep study would not even have shown the problem. Two years of my doctor refusing to treat my adrenal problem along with my thyroid problem including my pointing out what it said about this under thyroid treatment in the mainstream AMA-approved, PDR, was completely ignored. I finally found out about and Isocort which can be bought on the net, and helped myself. I can buy Armour thyroid from International antiaging systems for a lot more than I would pay at a pharmacy but I save a great deal of money by not buying a doctor his new Cadillac. As a teenager when I complained of being very exhausted all the time the doctor told me I just had "emotional problems" and the doctor could tell "just from looking that I was very healthy. I had scaly, peeling, skin, depression, exhaustion, thinning hair, dark circles under my eyes, big muscles, all symptoms of hormone problems but to him, I, "looked healthy." So did my mother! She looked EXACTLY like the classic text book picture of someone with severe hypothyroidism, even down to the dull, hang dog. no hope at all, expression on her face, but to our family doctor she "looked healthy. "Please pay the receptionist on the way out."
      My Mother went without treatment for her depression, hypothyroidism and OCD her entire life until near the end. The antidepressant Imiprimine was right there in the above mentioned PDR since 1957, the year I was born but our family doctor considered depression a character flaw that could be overcome with a few positive thinking pamphlets. After I was able to get her help, I got her on Zoloft and we were suddenly able to throw away 40 years of trash, spoiled, rotting food and garbage without her having a melt down. She also started smiling and wanting to go places and have fun. She even gave me a hug one day. She had only given me one other hug in my entire life!

      Many internet sites will tell you antidepressants are a bad idea. That is a perfect example of being very careful what you read on the net. The natural treatments all help the antidepressants work better, but they don’t replace them. I know I tried for decades to do it with diet and supplements alone due to bad advice from, (in that day and age, not then net), but my local health food store.

      But doctors don’t always give good advice either. And they sock you plenty in the pocketbook! 🙁

      My hard learned experience is to, listen to everybody (with caution) when they say something will help, but be very very, VERY skeptical when anyone, doctor, internet, health food store or friend tells you something WON"T help and might harm you. Everyone things their way is the only useful way. But I have found using EVERYBODY’S advice and attacking a problem from ALL angles results in more success.

      Windex must have such a weak solution of ammonia is does not hurt me. It might not hurt anyone else either, but the black pepper mites can’t stand it. Unfortunately it is not a repellent, only a killer. You can spray it on them and they die but in a few minutes any from unsprayed areas will move back in to fill the empty niche. That’s why I ended up using a pyrethrin fogger too.

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      hi can someone help me i have been treated for scabies from the dr.s i had treatments of perm 6of them and 2 iver pills and did everything i was suppose to do with clothes and linen and baging things and there is no furinture in my house cause i just moved i sleep on an arrow bed nothing seem to work someone told me about sublimed sulfur and vaseline i used it last night 10/13/08 from head to toe
      i looked at my hands and theses little black things were coming out my skin i dont think its scabies but it freaking my out i had chest surgery aug 7th and 2weeks later there was celluitis infection can someone help me before i go insane i need something thats not gonna cost a lot to get rid os this please i spent too much for something i dont think i have thanks to the drs this is all over me i can feel it and its ruining my relationship thank god they dont have it but i need some relief cause i honestly just wanna curl up and die

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      to the last entry of oct 14,2008 & any one else w/ morgellons or collembollla–go to– I bought it and it is worth the money and info. you need will help you.
      I’ve been through some of this for the past 3 years.
      mainly–we are infected. diet–what you eat affects what we have. It can get better. absolutely no sugar–it makes things worse!!! –they multiply and your immunity gets weaker. Eat quality foods–chicken, eggs, vegies, salads, lots of water. try to get rest–your mind,spirit and body need it to fight this. for support and encouragement––Peace–pray for a cure–seek and ye shall find.

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      To the person who just want to curl up and die: ask your doctor to prescribe Doxycline for you and see if that doesn’t help your situation. I don’t think you ever had scabies although it probably looked just like it initially and you may find relief from certain antibiotics, particularly those usesd to treat Lyme Disease.

      Hoping this helps,

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      There is some help available!
      You may obtain help by contacting:
      Richard at who wrote the e-book:
      Soothing the Itch Within and the Diet To Control It Ebook

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      To the best of my knowledge, I was infested by Collembola twice. So read on Friends! Let me stress the word, "was"! Although, I have no way of knowing exactly what I had, you can be assured that it was not black spider mites (scabies) or Morgellons (delusions). Which is how 3 seperate doctors and a Vet diagnosed my symptoms, scabies or yeah, I was crazy. Tell that to the people who wish to assasinate me for spreading the bug. This Bug lives in the pores of your skin. I was able to scrap my skin and under a microscope view a very small spot which exacly resembled a Collembolla parasite. Also, I would guess that since it is an insect, this animal goes through several stages of development and when it is adult it begins to reproduce. Thus, here is another clue on how to break their life cyle Some people, I believe are immune, due to the fact of their small pores and/or lack of them. You can defeat this infestation and that is how you should approach this.
      First, consulte a Doctor, after he shakes his head and says your nuts, go to step Two. Quarantine yourself as much as possible. This way you stop spreading these mites as they will drop off where you sit or stand and then hop on a unsuspecting person. Third, Lice medication found in the pharmacy works pretty good, but it’s expensive and not fullproof, besides being toxic. Fourth, and the ultimate cure, MINERAL OIL!!! It smothers (suffocates) the animal and bogs it down so it can not migrate. Buy a case of it, it’s cheap, cover your entire body, from head to toe, 6-12 times a day. And as "stillsuffering" in the above blog stated, cover everything in plastic. Like where you sit and where you lie to sleep. Number Five, freezing temps, as insects become inert below 45′, I would believe that freezing kills Collembola. Also, you may want to move to a frigid climate to speed the results. Heat above 130′, may kill them, but at 115′ they will buzz so loud you can hear them!
      Look, I had this vicous creature infest every pore on my body, twice!!! I am not making it up. I feel guilty because I spread it to other people and wish to help those infested. If you follow what I related above, you can get out of it. My second infestation, from a very sexy lady, body to body contact, seriously, let’s stay focused, with the above knowledge, it took 5 weeks before I was rid of this bug. So keep at it. Don’t give up!!!
      It’s not your fault, you have no one to blame for spreading it and if you need spiritual help, read your New Testament. There is nothing that comes close to it in regard to Wisdom.

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      please help me i have had this problem 4 almost a year they r everywhere i cant stand it any longer all over my entire body house truck and everywhere i go i cant even hardly work because i repair other peoples homes im desprite and very low on funds i have moved twice been to the er 11 times the derm told me i was crazy gave them to my girlfriend now we are both miserable to emberesed to go any where losing hope and my mind tried diesel fuel head to toe about a thousand times i can actually see these white things there every where please share what you have learned

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      quote nickhammer:

      please help me i have had this problem 4 almost a year they r everywhere i cant stand it any longer all over my entire body house truck and everywhere i go i cant even hardly work because i repair other peoples homes im desprite and very low on funds i have moved twice been to the er 11 times the derm told me i was crazy gave them to my girlfriend now we are both miserable to emberesed to go any where losing hope and my mind tried diesel fuel head to toe about a thousand times i can actually see these white things there every where please share what you have learned

      Ok I will help you to heal but I need your email address.If no address please let me know by contacting me at [no thanks, the forum do not condone or encourage unverified practice of medicine].

    • #110614

      "Help you to heal"?

      Please be careful of folks trying to take advantage of those desparate for treatment or real (or imagined) ailments.

    • #110964

      Hi there. I moved to an area in which "chigger mites" abound, and my home was on a wooded lot with many pines and sandy soil. I was being bitten, but my spouse was not. Some of my neighbors also were being bitten. I found a website that sells a natural product made from cedar oil that helped me. It has kept me from selling and moving away from my home. Fortunately for me, I found it before I aggravated my physician about it to the point he decided I was delusional!
      The scientist who invented this product, when I emailed him directly, responded that I might have Collembola mites, but I think it was just the usual spring and summer red bug mites in my case. At any rate this product is not harmful, I use it on my dog, and myself. It has no poisons or chemicals other than cedar oil and some sort of ultra fine crystalline sandlike particles (you cannot feel them.) we have used some of the products he made especially as yard sprays and house sprays (these not for use on you or pets) with great success also.
      The substance for personal use is a very fine oil, so fine that I put it into a plastic mist bottle from the dollar store for ease of use for me and my dog before and after walks, and can use this cheap spray bottle for about a year without clogging the nozzle. A little goes a long way, so although a quart is expensive, it really is less expensive than aerosol sprays of chemicals such as OFF, bought repeatedly.
      I do not have any affiliation with this product, except I use it. It is
      called Cedarcide, and by putting this word in a search engine you can
      find the website. I hope I haven’t broken any web rules by mentioning products, just hoping to help some people here.

    • #112029

      I need some help. I currently have a collombolla and fungas gnat infestation. In addition I had mealworms and sow larvae on me until the last fumigation. I thought the fungus gnats were lice in my hair. Everyone, including the public health department says I am delusional. Does anyone know of a medical doctor in Ontario, Canada who can help me. At this point, I think I am more interested in being proved sane and that this horrible experience is all true. Please. Is there anyone out there

    • #114891

      I need help with this horrible bug. Windex does work but not fast enough. it’s driving me crazy. What is wrong with my body. where did this all come from. Please help.

    • #114892

      My boyfriend and I were gardening and I was pulling weeds up and found these black bugs jumping everywhere in the dirt. Maybe this where I picked this up. Now my poor sister was in my car and she said she felt something jumping on her leg. she has it now too. This has been going on since September. They are in my hair and skin. I was treated for scabies and lice and they are still on me. They get in the sheets, clothes , furniture, etc. I can’t take this anymore. Spraying windex was the only thing that helps so far. this is the most creepy thing I have ever experienced.

    • #114904

      I too have these miserable bugs/insects. They won’t touch my girlfriend laying right next to me but they are all over me. My doctor thinks I’m crazy but tonight i finally caught one and I’m taking this little bastard in to the office to prove I’m not crazy. I have been miserable since September also. So maybe now when I go to the doctor they will help me out after Xmas. They are all over my head and my face arms and legs. My skin is so dried out from washing my face and hair 3 times a day. One thing that has helped very little is non-concentrate dawn soap for shampoo. But it really don’t help anymore. My mother and my friends think I’m nuts too, but finally I have some proof.

    • #114912

      I’ve tried everything. stromectol pills and cream. Doesn’t work. Only for a day. We are now going to an allergist today which I don’t know what he will say. I feel them all over my body and can’t see them. My boyfriend only has them in his hair. I can actually feel these bugs jumping out of my skin. It is driving me nuts. I bought sulfur shampoo and ointment and only helped a little. I feel them coming out of the skin on my face too. What are these things? Please someone e-mail me at and help me with a remedy on how to kill these things. Is this a mite? Am I having an allergic reaction to something? Do I have a medical problem? I went to so many doctors and was treated to no end of this.

    • #114914

      Well, back from the allergist and he said that we both have something wrong with the nerve endings and told us to take zyrtec 10mg allergy once at night for two weeks and if we don’t feel better we have to have further testing. My god this better work.

    • #114955

      I hope this may help some people. I thought I had this problem with feeling things on me but couldn’t see these bugs. I tried everything. To my amazement I came back from the allergist and he put me on zyrtec over the counter allergy medicine once at night and one in the morning 10mg. It took a month but I finally don’t feel a thing. He explained that I had a bad reaction to something. I never knew that the nerve endings under my skin can make me feel like I have bugs jumping and crawling on me. He said we have nerves all under our skin and when they get hypersensitive they can make you feel like bugs crawling up and down our body, tingling, buzzing and jumping. I still feel a tiny bit but almost gone. He said I have to stay on the zyrtec for a couple of months.

    • #115147

      I am infested with gnats as far as I can tell. They have been entering my eyes, nose and ears. This has been going on for a while. I’ve been to several doctors. No help. I’m losing my mind. It’s warming up and I worry spiders will start attacking me in hunt of these insects. Is there any doctors that diagnose and treat this?

    • #115152


    • #115446

      I’m am a physician with a strong background in biology and a scientist by nature. I was infested by these pests and tried everything: tea tree oil, borax scrubs, pyrethrin, isopropyl alcohol, sulfur cream, etc. I finally resorted to Ivermectin, which slowed it down enough to get on top of the infestation. I looked at many medical articles, blogs, and scholarly articles in entomology to research what it was and how to treat it. At first, i thought it was demodex mites but the inadequate specimens i had on the microscope didn’t look like it and the pattern didn’t quite fit. The infestation was mainly on my arms and chest, not face. I finally got a clear specimen that was DEFINITELY a collembola parasite. I showed it to a colleague who confirmed what i saw and compared it to pictures of collembola. This was clearly no delusion.
      It’s discouraging how much of the literature says that humans aren’t affected by this, and it’s often stated with certainty. It’s even worse that people claiming to be authorities on the topic are mocking the sufferers here and telling them to get psychological help. It discredits my profession and makes us look narrow-minded. Science is about remaining objective and taking in new data for consideration. On the humanitarian side of things, it is discouraging people from seeking the specific help they need!

    • #115472

      I too have been battling this problem. I have been in contact with many sufferers.
      This is a very real problem, some people believe it is related to a fungal problem or
      A co-infection of morgellons. I need advise from a professional who understands this issue!
      I have a three year old daughter and my husband is also affected. Take a look at
      She’s the girl that cured herself. Any solid advice would be so helpful! My dermatologist was very unhelpful.
      Treat your environment too! This really helped me.
      Tetmosol soap seems to help a bit.
      Nizoral in your hair is a life saver!

    • #115478

      This certainly doesn’t replace research and safety studies on thousands of patients, but i can tell you what conclusion i came up with (based on solid medical training) and what helped me. Besides, the current "medical dogma" on this topic is sadly lacking or wrong.
      I tried everything topical remedy possible but it was clear this was a burrowing parasite, as evidenced by the small holes that appeared on welts on my skin, and i could feel intense itching that was impervious to any scratching or scrubs. It was no delusion that there were tiny "tracks" from something on my skin. It didn’t fit the pattern of scabies because it didn’t start in folds and wasn’t contagious to anyone around me. I know for sure, i saw a couple of microscopic springtails on my microscope and others saw what i did. It may have been incidental, but it’s hard to believe, out of thousands of species, many unknown, that none of them could burrow into human skin; especially if they can feed on wood and other matter.
      Like many others here, the dermatologist was no use and had no clue. He couldn’t even accept i had a burrowing mite and initially diagnosed me with flea bites, even though i haven’t seen any, I treat my dogs regularly, and there were far too many papules on my skin for it to be fleas. I would have to be covered in them to get that many "bites" (which is what he called them). Like most derms, he wanted to prescribe a burst of prednisone, which is what should NOT be done for parasitic infections because it lowers immunity and allows them to propagate uninhibited.
      I finally took ivermectin in 2 doses. The first dose slowed it down but the itching returned within a few days. My guess is that the next hatching of eggs occurred and they are impervious to chemicals. I followed up the second dose a week later to catch the next round hatching. Within ~4 hours, the itching went away and i was able to sleep, itch-free, for the first time in weeks. Since then, I’ve followed up by spraying a solution of 10% permethrin (bought from amazon for gardens) and witch hazel. Medical grade permethrin only goes up to 5% and didn’t seem strong enough. The permethrin is being used to catch any residual insects/mites that might be present. I’m also taking zyrtec daily because it’s the best antihistamine to reduce itching. A prescription kenalog cream is helping to calm down the angry rash these things caused, but i make sure to combine it with the permethrin so something is able to fight the parasite.
      I chose ivermectin b/c it’s used to treat parasitic infections worldwide. It’s often used for treatment resistant scabies. If you can’t find a Dr. willing to prescribe it, it can be found in vet supply stores. Do not take more than 200mg/kg, b/c it can be hard on the kidneys and liver.
      I hope the medical profession catches up to this and more research comes out. It was a very miserable experience! I know this wasn’t "delusional" because my symptoms went away after proper treatment. The dermatologist still wouldn’t acknowledge that it killed anything in my skin. He just thought it made fleas stop biting that night. As if they would suddenly stop itching like mad too?
      Don’t feel bad folks, they don’t listen to other doctors either!

    • #115479

      Oh, i forgot another important ingredient. I got 10% sulfur cream and use it in affected areas daily. According to most info, these bugs feed on fungus and other decaying material, so it reduces their food supply (sulfur is an antifungal). I’m still trying to figure out why they preferred me and not anyone else around me. One thought was that i had been hauling wood that had been sitting out for a long time during hot humid weather. It first attacked my arms and chest, which is where my skin would have contacted the wood. Sulfur is also a natural pesticide, although not as potent as permethrin. Permethrin is also not a known teratogen or as toxic as the organophospate pesticides.
      Good luck!

    • #115481

      I accidently typed Mg instead of mcg (micrograms) for ivermectin. Just to make it clear, ivermectin is 200mcg/kg. It’s been used by ~6 million people world-wide and no known dangerous side effects. I didn’t have ANY. Just relief. Make sure not to delay the follow-up dose too long; otherwise the arthropod will have time to mature and reproduce more eggs. Then the whole cycle starts over.

      • #118330

        How do you suggest taking the veterinary Ivermectin? It is only available in injection form, paste or pourable for large cattle and horses. Clearly it’s the same medication and the dosage can be converted but should it be injected in one dose or taken orally? I had this infestation 3 years ago and was lucky enough to get rid of it with almost the same protocol you just mentioned except both my daughter and I were able to get our primary care doctor to prescribe Ivermectin tablets…we took them over a few days and they worked very well but we needed several courses and we did have to move out of the mold infested home. I was free of this for 3 years and now after rescuing feral kittens born in my back yard at the new house (same town near a lake that is overgrown with massive biofilm and algae problem, there is fungus everywhere) I now am infested again terribly as are my 2 cocker spaniels. Problem being my awesome primary care doctor has resigned and I cannot get anyone to prescribe anything except Prednisone and antihistamines. It makes me furious and disgusted that the medical community denies this is happening….I literally have larvae in my mouth, hair and private areas, nose and ears. I think they are in my throat as well. I’m not sure why they are so attracted to me but I have Ehlers-Danlos, Mast Cell Disease and Dysautonomia and this is destroying my health and skin not to mention my mental health. It’s barbaric treatment and I do not understand it.

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    • #115651

      I think I had/have the misfortune to have what appears to be a collembola infestation too.
      My profile
      – health conscious, normal weight, no skin issues whatsoever in childhood

      Just turned 30 and getting depressed as we speak anbout this issue.

      It all started when I got a new french bf in december who was chronically itchy. He suspected he had scabies so i threw him out and my way of ensuring I wasn’t infected was to douse myself in essential oils every day (bad idea – i got dermatitis as a result)

      One day mid January I wore this fur jacket (it was insanely cold outside) that’s been in storage in a wardrobe in my bathroom for 3 whole years. Sitting in a heated terrace for a drink with the jacket on, I fel somethings biting me all over. It was scary but I didn’t tell anyone cus I thought I finally was displaying itchiness from the scabies.

      The bites were horrible, I could actually feel this thing drilling into my skin to get underneath it. I got the bites in my nose, on my scalp, all over my legs and arms, in my torslo etc. When I went home, I dumped everything I was wearing into a large plastic bag and threw it straight in the garbage (700 euro worth fur jacket, 300 euro worth boots :()
      I tried a salt and vinegar bath, and then coated my body in diatamaceious earth and went to bed. The next day I could SEE these creatures crawling under my skin. There were small bumps on my calf, moving aroundL I could see AND feel them. Convinced I had scabies, I went to the Emergency of a hospital and told them what I thought I had. The idiotic doctor didn’t bother to check my skin and just went on to prescribe ivermectin.

      By then I was going quiet nuts and took a slightly higher than necessary dose of ivermectin. The next day I thought I was dying along with the bugs inside of me. I had to FORCE myself to breathe, my central nervous system probably coudln’t handle it.

      In the next few days I displayed symptoms of morgellons – black specks coming out of my pores – in my arms and legs and all over my back. THat’s when I realized that it wasn’t scabies. I even saw one of the springtails sitting on my laptop screen, a tiny white creature.

      Scared shit, I went to the dermatologist who said said all of this was in my head. I had no scabies of course, and all I had was eczema from the essential oils. This was the worst crisis in my life and I had nowhere to turn to to and nobody to tell what was going on.

      In the next few days I fumigated the apartment with indian incense and change sheets every day, had endless baths and showered with sulphur shampoo. I could feel the crawling under my skin but couldn’t see anything at that point. I think I got rid of them in the environment in my apartment when I smoked it by accident (my pillow caught fire when I tried to heat it in the oven, resulting in the whole tiny apartment smoking up entirely)

      All of that was two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve taken time off work and tried to deal with this whole pool of crap.
      It seemed to be getting better.

      When suddenly in the last few days I’ve been breaking out with really bad eczema on my left arm and neck. THe hives have travelled all the way up to my face. The atopic eczema on my neck is so bad it’s red and swollen and my glands hurt when I swallow.

      My question is, if those initial collembola laid eggs in me, how long would they take to hatch? I was hoping the Ivermectin I took the night after getting infected would have killed all the eggs. But now I’m seriously worrying. Starting this morning, I feel a little tingling/buzzing/vibrating in the lower right part of my abdomen. Do you think those things have laid eggs in my internal organs? After two weeks of inactivitiy is it possible they’re coming to life?

      I’m petrified in my seat right now. I can takethe worst case of eczema any day, I don’t want the collembola to come back. If anyone’s had this experience, please tell me what you think?


    • #116055

      These little black things that are biting are baby bed bugs. Don’t believe me? Wait til around 3-4am and walk into your bedroom with white or light colored shoes, like slip on keds, then look down. You have to look super close, you’ll probably get bit before you are able to look closely enough to see them. The nest in and under your dresser drawers and you put your clothes on that have been in those drawers and the egg sacs are in/on your cloths and they hatch while your wearing them. That’s why you get bit thru out the day and that’s why you’re finding little black "things" on you. As for the fibers, the egg sacs are sticky and carry the fibers with them. Advice, do not ever buy used furniture or electronics, of any sort, ever. To relieve the itch from the bites, soak in a hot bath for 20-30 minutes with 2 cups of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Empty your dresser drawers into garbage bags, twist the tops of the garbage bags and then tape them. Everything needs to be washed in hot water twice and dried two cycles on high heat and then placed in individual ziplock bags to store until worn. Dirty clothes need to go straight in the washer. All shoes need to go in the dryer for 60 min on high and then also ziploc bagged. Get rid of all furniture if you can’t afford to have the entire house heat treated and have your carpets steam cleaned and clean all tile/wood/linoleum floors once with an ammonia solution and once with an alcohol solution. Electronics in the room affected need to either be bagged and thrown away or sent somewhere for a heat treatment. Bag them before carrying thru the house and putting in your car. This has been HELL, all because of purchasing a dresser from a consignment shop… Grrr…

    • #116056

      No, I don’t believe this. No doubt there are people suffering with bed bugs out there, but believe me, there are people suffering from other bugs which are definitely not bed bugs (unless bed bugs have found a way to fly and transform themselves into fungus gnats, fruit flies, white flies etc.!). I know this because I am one of the people suffering with this "flying bug" issue and I have not found a lasting solution yet. And my issues all started with little black specks, some like pepper flakes and others oblong in shape, some granular particles which look like sand or grit, and other particles which look like salt. Now there are very visible bugs involved. But I doubt even now, with visible bugs flying around me and popping off my scalp and clothes, that I could convince a doctor that the bugs are coming from me and my clothes or that I have some kind of myasis. I have had zero (or negative!) support from medical "professionals" through this nightmare. Even though I do not have noticeable fibres or Morgellons lesions on my skin, I am finding that what I am experiencing matches what I am reading about Morgellons closely, and that some kind of GMO is involved.

    • #116082
      quote bugsheretoo:

      No, I don’t believe this. No doubt there are people suffering with bed bugs out there, but believe me, there are people suffering from other bugs which are definitely not bed bugs (unless bed bugs have found a way to fly and transform themselves into fungus gnats, fruit flies, white flies etc.!). I know this because I am one of the people suffering with this “flying bug” issue and I have not found a lasting solution yet. And my issues all started with little black specks, some like pepper flakes and others oblong in shape, some granular particles which look like sand or grit, and other particles which look like salt. Now there are very visible bugs involved. But I doubt even now, with visible bugs flying around me and popping off my scalp and clothes, that I could convince a doctor that the bugs are coming from me and my clothes or that I have some kind of myasis. I have had zero (or negative!) support from medical “professionals” through this nightmare. Even though I do not have noticeable fibres or Morgellons lesions on my skin, I am finding that what I am experiencing matches what I am reading about Morgellons closely, and that some kind of GMO is involved.

      I am suffering from same condition like you but not sure either they are bed bugs or something else. Is there any way to rule out them?

    • #116187

      Or morgellons disease, to get rid of is try colloidal silver

    • #116188

      If all you people feel u have morgellons or call.infest. why don’t you seek help at mayo clinic in Rochester man infectious just a suggestion

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