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      1.Why does temperaure affect heart rate in ectothermic organisms?

      2.Discuss what results you might obtain if you repeated this experiment using an endothermic organism.

      3.Explain how blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and in a standing position.

      4.Explain why an athlete must exercise harder or longer to achieve a maximum heart rate than a person who is not as physically fit.

      I will give you guys my answers to these answers, but please correct them and/or add more to my answers so I can get these questions answer correctly for my lab!

      1.I know that the higher the temp. is, the higher the blood rate is, but how does the metabolism affects the heart rate?

      2.I don’t know!

      3.I don’t know!

      4.An athlete’s heart is stronger than a heart of a poorly fit person so it takes more energy for the athlete’s heart to achieve a maximum heart rate.

      Another question is research and explain why smoking causes a rise in blood pressure.

      I already talked about the tighten of the arteries and the effect of increased adrenaline because of nicotine, so is there anything to add to this answer?!

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      1. Check out wikipedia’s entry on ectotherms
      2. You’re an endotherm, what happens in hot weather?
      3. Kinda helps if you’ve lived in a country with poor plumbing…water flow is very slow on higher floors. You can also think of a fountain. Reclining and standing is basically the height needed to travel by the fluid.
      4. It’s not asking for energy, it’s asking for how hard it works…generally atheletes look pretty relaxed compared to the huffing and puffing out of shape people.

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