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      A female has 1-2 million primary oocytes at birth. During the first week of each menstrual cycle
      a) about 100 of the prenatal follicles begin to develop into antral follicles
      b) one follicle becomes the dominant follicle
      c) a zona pellucida forms around the ovary
      d) about 10 to 25 of the preantral follicles form granulosa cells.

      I think the answer is “b” but then I might be mistaken.

      and the other question is….

      Production of the gonadal sex hormones is
      a) relatively constant from fetal life to old age
      b) low until puberty, after which it becomes quite high and remains so until old age
      c) low until puberty, and remains so until old age
      d)high during fetal life, low during childhood, high during puberty, and then declines later in life.

      I am having mixed feelings about this one, I think it could either be “b” but then it won’t sound right for females since it tapers off for us, and then I think it is “d” but then again, men can have babies well into their eighties, lol. What do you think? Thank you for any help.

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      I just had lectures on this lol. I think it is b also. I think the answer is d to the second question.

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