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      These are on my practice test and these are the only ones stumping me, thanks in advance!

      Biological species consist of? Populations, domains, families,phyla, or genera

      Which protozoan group consists solely of parisitc forms? Amoebas, ciliates, slime molds, apicomplexans, flagellates

      If adenine makes up 20% of the bases in a dna double helix what % of the bases are guanine? 80,60,40,20, or 30

      The dna double helix is? A puzzle to geneticists, composed of 2 chromosomes, composed of adenine and and guanine, composed of adenine and thymine, made of 2 polynucleotide strands?

      During replication____________ are the enzymes responsible for joining the nucletides of a new dna strand? Dna helicase, dna ligase, DNases, dna polymerase, dna gyrase

      The production of sterile male ligers is an example of? Sympatrick speciaion, founder effect, prre zygotic barrier, neutral evolution, post zygotic barrier

      Rna that is translated into a polypeptide is ________ rna? Nuclear, ribosomal, nucleolar, transfer, or messenger

      Dna codon AgT codes for an amino acid carried by a tRNA with the anticodon_________? UCA, TCU, AGU, TCA, AGT

      What is the smallest number of nucleotides that must be added or subtracted to change the triplet grouping of the genetic message? 1,2,3,4,5

      Plant viruses______ ? often use rna rather than dna as gentic material ,benefit plants rather than causing disease, casue easily curable disease, primarily target health plants, do not exist

      Introns are_________? Noncoding dna sequences, expressed dna sequences dna sequences to which silencers bond dna sequences to which activators bond the product of rna splicing

      What is a component of the fossil record? Molecular sequences, bones of extinct whales, similarity of forelimbs of sharks and whales, similarity of forelimbs of cats and bats, distribution of murid rodents in austrailia and asia

      A________is to a bacteria as a ___________is to animal cells provires….phage, retrovirus…virus, phage…prophage, prophage…provirus, rna virus… dna virus

      All of the alleles of all of the genes within a population make up that populations? Gene pool, gene flow, genetype, heterozygosity, polymorphism

      Gene flow is accomplished by? Migration, natural selection, sexual recombination, genetic drift, mutation,

      The founder effect differs from a population bottleneck in that the founder effect_________? Requires a small population, type of natural selection, onlu occur on an oceanic island colony, involvoves the isolation fo a small of individuals from a larger population

      Which of the following is not a requirment of natural selection? Differntial reproductive success, overproudction of offspring, genetic variation, catastrophic events, inheritance

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      Did you study at all? Most of your questions are easily answerable. You should first show your work. Show, what and WHY is your opinion…

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      im doing the practice tests for 7 chapters and there is 400+ questions, and i got all of those. These are the ones stumping me. Can i get some help or not?

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      I don’t know how you were able to answer all those 400 questions if you got stuck with these…

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      try working for 8 hours straight and we’ll see how well you are at doing tests,so much for "Answers to all your Biology Questions"

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