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      I need help with the following two questions.

      1) what limitations would be experienced in a cell if only diffusion were possible? Consider enzymatic reactions, the metabolic pathways., and other cell processes. How would they be affected.

      2) to investigate the process of photosynthesis, you have designed an experiment that uses small leaf discs that are infiltrated (filled) with a liquid by applying a vacuum. The result is the leaves sink since the liquid fills all the space inside the leaves. Exposure of the leaves to light eventually causes them to float. Explain what is happening as it relates to photosynthesis?

      Any help would be great
      Thanks in advance

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      1) what active transport occurences happen in the cell? Anything including second messengers? For what transports do you need ATP? What about the cell membrane? Mitochondria?
      2) what’s the chemical process of photosynthesis? What are all the steps and by-products of the steps?

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      how do second mesengers relate to active transport?

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      Role of leaf plasma membrane aquaporins in the response of leaf hydraulic conductance. For the leaf part..

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