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      Hi kinda new here, intro’ed myself in the off-topic section, for those who wanna read a lil about me 🙂

      Anyway, I have this report due this thursday. We had a two-week long lab experiment with bacteria, and at the end of it, we have to write a report (as usual). Now the thing is, my demonstrator is kinda expecting a rather impossible task. Using only the info I’m giving below, I have to actually identify the two strains of bacteria.

      I’m still a first year 2nd sem student, so this is kinda, well, really hard for me especially without personal help and without the correct links. Did quite abit of browsing, didn’t come across anything online…hope you guys can help. Btw here is the info:

      Microorganism Sample A Sample B
      Motility Positive Positive
      Haemolysis α-haemolysis β-haemolysis
      Gram stain Positive Negative
      Spores Positive Negative
      Capsule Positive Negative
      Catalase Positive Positive

      For sample A, the closest I could find so far was B.subtilis, but it its b-hemolytic, not a-hemolytic.

      Any help, ideas, or links will be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this might be a little too much, but….well I gotta get this done with (for the record, most of my classmates have already given up and decided to simply go with general statements on the bacteria, so there goes “depending on my peers”…)


      Hmm table didn’t turn out right……anyway its a three-column table, with “microorganism” being the 1st column, and sample A and B being the other two columns.

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      with a couple of the identifying characteristics that you have suggested, Streptococcus pneumoniae is Alpha Haemolytic and capsule forming. It is responsible for infections such as Meningitis, Pneumonia, Sinusitis to name a few.

      Hope this helps

      Pauline 😕

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      I’m still thinking about microorganizm A – and I really don’t know what it is – S. pneumonia doesn’t match because of spores (negativ)
      Maybe some of Bacillus are able to Alpha – Haemolitic
      When you solve this problem please answer

      Best regards

      Sorry for my English

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      i have the same clues that you had for my micro, what was your answer?

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      Are they rod or cocci? Also how would you describe their clustering? I can’t help as I’m at work, but when I get home I’ll do a bit of research and see what comes up.

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      I think sample B might be Bacillus as this produces B haemolysis, although it isn’t motile.

      I think you need further testing to identify them for sure.

      Btw I assumed they are rods as you said they are motile, sure about that? You haven’t mentioned what kind of motility either….

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