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      Hello, I am taking Microbiology 205. We have to figure out the unknowns.. I have 2.. But I am having lots of trouble figuring out what this is.. Please help me..

      Gram +
      Cell Shape rods and chains
      No motility
      favorite temp 37
      no color on the Agar
      it is aerobic
      positive for glucose,and mannitol, MR test, and Catalyst
      Neg for vp
      It is also weak in for starch.

      I crossed out many of the choices due to the shape.. Here are the rest of the choices.
      Bacillus cereus, Bacillius megaterum, bacillus subtilis, clostridium bejerincki,clostridium sporogenes, mycobacterium phlei (I think this is it), mycobacterium smegmatis.

      Please help me. Thank you very much.

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      Hi, I am tryin to identifying my unknown. I know it is bacillus.
      Gram stain- +
      motility- +
      spore stain- +
      acid-fast – negative
      capsule – +
      optimal temp. 37
      facultative anaerobe
      all positive for in acid-gluocose,lactose, sucrose, mannitol
      nethyl red- +
      VP- negative
      castalase test- positive
      oxidase, hydrogen sulfide, citrate, phenylalanine, indole, urea, are all negative
      starch hydrolysis, and gelatine are positive.

      I have narrowed it down but I still can’t find it.
      Please help me and Thank you very much.

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