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      What would happen if in vitro fertilization was attempted with two ova, using a process similar to intracytoplasmic sperm injection? Would it become a diploid and continue to grow?

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      This type of zygote would divide up to a certain point… but die very early on.

      It is likely that genetic imprinting may be the initial culprit… Where certain maternally and paternally genes are differentially expressed. (Ex. Mom expresses one gene, while dads copy of that gene is methylated and silent.. therefore the fetus/organism receives 1 dose of a gene versus another).

      However there are several classical syndromes where a child recieved two identical copies of a chromosome (if a fetus recieves two copies of Mom’s chromosome 15, the child will have Prader Willi Syndrome, conversely if the fetus recieves 2 copies of chromosome 15 from dad… it will have angelmans syndrome)

      hope this helps.

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