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      February Beetle

      What is your favorite part of fall (in a zoological sense, i guess) in whatever place you live in?
      I love the beautiful weather so we can spend more time outdoors. I also get to tag along with my dad to get up early and go into a field; so many things are about that early in the fall! I also work late on the weekends so when I drive home I always have a good chance of seeing some deer or turkeys or other interesting things just as the sun comes up. Snakes are still out for awhile. Ooh so much fun to have!
      I really like fall! But I will be sad when the cicadas stop singing. 😕

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      totally off-topic, but did you know there is a cicada in south america that takes 17 years to reach maturity? 😯 😯 I found this a very interesting thing, since insects are generally r animals…

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      February Beetle

      We have cicadas around here that are usually green, brown, black camouflage coloring every year. I remember probably about 6 years ago where there were I think both 11 year and 7-year cicadas that were all black with red eyes. I ended up where both matured the same year. There were a ton of them! I remember seeing a white tree that was filled with them, just all over! It was more black than white! It was really amazing how many there were.

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