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      is there a virus that has the capacity to signal itself, i.e. that binds on the cell membrane or wall, and copies its DNA/RNA, the after doin some work in the cell, signals the cell to do something else? copy another part of its DNA/RNA or deattaches or something else….? 😕

      or do i just have a very active imagination 😳

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      Viruses do not have any reason to signal themselves. Those that inject their nucleic acids become empty shells attached to the outside of the cell while others fuse with the cell membrane to deliver genetic material so there is no "itself" to signal to.

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      thank you, looks like my imagination is very……… imaginative 😀

      was worth asking, anyway….. looks like there is no such freak of nature 😥 , sometimes i feel so alone 😥

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      You’re alone if you’re a virus that does this.

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