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      does any of you know anything about those two topics because im mess up. thank you. ps. i know the basics of the two.

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      Well there are whole books about these processes. What do you need to know?

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      There have been quite a lot of extensive discussion about this earlier. Have you tried searching the forum archive?
      And if you know the basic, but still have problem can you elaborate a little more about those, because otherwise it’s pretty hard to give you the detailed explanation you need.

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      mitosis is basic cell division, where 2 daughter cells (exact copy of mother cell) produced

      meiosis, a process where diploid cells becomes haploid gametes for formation of zygous (its for sexual reproduction. Gametes are sex cells, in human its egg for woman and sperm for man)

      search the web for more detail

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      there is a very good site to help your differencing the mitosis and the mieosis. you just go on google and write : mitosis vs mieosis and choose the 3rd choice.

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