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      I’ve read the text several times, and am still lost. Here goes…

      1. You buy a red-bellied newt from a local pet store. You know that red-bellied (R) is dominant to yellow-bellied (r). If you don’t know what the parents of your red-bellied newt look like, what can you do to determine the genotype of your pet?

      a) Name the procedure – it is used when trying to determine the genotype of an individual with a dominant phenotype but unknown genotype).

      b) Show the 2 possible crosses, and provide the phenotypic ratios (be certain to include the color with each number) that will result from these crosses.

      If anyone can help, or even lead me to an answer, it would be much appreciated. Thanks, and best wishes.


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      Seems like you need to go back to the store for another newt…

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      Might need more than one if you don’t know their genotype either.

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      quote mith:

      Might need more than one if you don’t know their genotype either.

      No only one with the right belly color and of the good sex…

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      Hey Nina,
      I was just wondering if you found the answer to this, and I’m praying you can help me…I am also lost, and its due tomorrow. I took this ridiculous class as a powerpack class in only 7 weeks. I don’t reccomend taking a 16 week Bio course in 7 weeks- I’m dying with it…i would really appreciate any help you can give me answering this….

      So far I know that you have to perform a test-cross to determine part B, but then i get confused with exactly how to cross them!

      Thanks you i hope i hear from you!

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