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      Our lab group (including me) was having major troubles with a lab assignment and I feel I cannot possibly depend on the results. I have to do homework based on the lab and I am hoping to find the right information to base my answers on.

      I’m trying to figure out which of the following are motile and which are non-motile:

      – E. Coli
      – Candida albicans
      – Pseudomonas aueruginosa
      – Paramecium
      – Stentor
      – Amoeba (pretty sure this one’s motile)
      – Euglena
      – Volvox

      One question asks what the bacterial structure that allows bacteria to move is. I want to assume flagella. Is this correct?

      This asks what domain bacteria are placed in. I was under the impression that bacteria is a domain. Is this a trick question? Does domain have a special definition I’m unaware of, aside from the 3 big domains used as taxonomy?

      Thanks for any help.

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      Not all of those you mentioned are bacteria, but yes pretty much all bacteria are in one kingdom depending on the age of your text.

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      Thanks for replying.
      Would you happen to know the motility of any on the list?

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      Except for fungus,Candida albicans, everything on your list is motile.
      You are right about flagella.
      For the domain question, you will need to decide whether your baceria (2 on the list) belong to Archaea (archaebacteria) or Bacteria (eubacteria).
      Good luck.

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