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      in a piece of hemoglobin beta chain,how will u look to see if an mRNA exists in E coli.

      what am not able to understand is that am i supposed to search for mrna in e coli ‘s hemoglobin beta confused how to go about this question.

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      did you clone the beta-hemoglobin gene in E.coli?

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      It sounds like you want to determine whether an mRNA is being expressed from a beta-globin gene in E. coli. One approach is to look for a beta-globin sequence in the total mRNA expressed by the bacterium. Here are two techniques that could be useful:

      MrMistery asked whether the beta-hemoglobin gene was cloned into E. coli. If so, that can simplify the problem. If the gene is inserted into a plasmid vector in the E. coli, you could do a plasmid prep and so produce a less complex population of nucleic acid to probe or sequence.

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