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      Hi everyone!

      I´ve been working with Y chromosome SNP´s from the Non-Recombining region. I always find all the information i need about this issue in the ISOGG (International SOciety of Genetic Genealogy) page for the Y-chromosome SNP´s (the rs#, y-position, tree of SNP´s…)

      Now, I need to work with the mtDNA haplogroups from the HVR. For this, I would like to know if there´s a similar database, but for the mtDNA (with all the haplogroups, SNP´s, positions,…). I searched the web, but i couldn´t find anything similar. I don´t even know if it exists. I wonder if any kind of "society" could exist, similar to ISOGG, but that works with the mtDNA.

      Could anyone tell me how can I find it?


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