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      When people want to increase their muscle mass, what ought they do?

      I heard of some people trying to cut down their carbohydrate intake.

      Isn’t that wrong? I thought carbohydrates give you energy.

      On the other hand, shouldn’t they consume more protein?

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      More exercise, higher density of muscle fibres, and thus increased mass and stronger

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      Eat more protein.

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      To give you an idea of how uncertain this field is:

      There’s at least 10 mucle magazines.
      Each publishes about once a month.
      Every issue has at least 2 new theories on muscle building with 2 new exercise programs based on that theory.
      These magazines have been publishing for at least 5 years.

      Conclusion: Are there really 10000 different ways to do push-ups or lift weights, or do the authors really not care about validity since most people who read muscle magazines aren’t doing exercises anyway?

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      Its not hard really. As i said eat more protein but still a balanced diet and more importantly go down the gym and do weight training rather than cardiac exercise (running, cycling). Or buy some weights. .

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      I actually read somewhere that to get more definition from muscles, you need to remove water from your muscle tissues. I can see how this might work, but I’m guessing it’s not healthy at all is it?

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      A mate once said that a six pack isnt healthy as your dehydrated. Now i now what he was talking about. 😛

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      A great site for muscle building and such exercises is, Exercise Prescription on the Net. As the site describes itself, “ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the net is a resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast. ” Give it a try.

      In regards on how to gain muscle mass, the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) recommends (from

      ” Hypertrophy training
      1-12 RM in periodized fashion
      emphasis on the 6-12 RM zone
      1- to 2-min rest periods between sets
      moderate contraction velocity
      higher volume, multiple-set programs ”

      There are other instructions on the site for the diet, warming up, stretching, etc. The site can get technical sometimes due to some anatomy/physiology jargon. It also discusses the biomedical basis for the recommendations, explaining the biology behind it or referring you to kinesiology texts and journal articles.

      Hope this helps.


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      You would think since knowing how to be healthy most Biology majors would be physically fit, but I am definitely not in shape.

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      Lately I’v been hearing alot about "lean muscle mass" helping in weight loss. What exactaly is "lean muscle", is it different from normal muscle?

      Theres tons of talk about it but no body really explains what it is!

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      Links on the matter provided by my Campbell book. Maybe they are of some help

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      Well, you could send off to Charles Atlas hoping muscles will come in the mail…..but they don’t.

      Big muscles are hiding in the weight room under the BIG weights. You just have to keep picking them up and looking under them till you find them; taking time to eat while you are looking.

      To increase strength and muscle mass one should do intensive training (anaerobic) using heavy weights and fewer reps. For example, biceps training should begin with two warm up sets with light weight (circulation), followed by five or six sets of five reps using a weight you can only curl a max of six times (standing curl bar). Use a rest interval of 90 to 120 seconds between sets. Follow the standing curl sets with seated (back supported) dumbell curls, three sets of 6 to 8 reps. Use a weight light enough that you can do them strictly (no cheating i.e. swinging and leaning). Two heavy curl days a week is enough. DON’T over train. You can apply this techinque to other lifts, bench, squat, shruggs, press, triceps and pull downs, and press downs. When working biceps don’t forget to finish off with reverse curls to exercise the brachialis muscle.

      Eat a diet high in protein and complex carbs. Protein supplies the amino acids needed to rebuild the muscle tissue you "stimulated" in the workout and the carbs provide the energy needed to form the bonds to stick these amino acids together you make YOUR new muscle protein. I will not go into supplements but some of the new whey protein powders are very good and are much better than soy derived proteins.

      Successful weight training is a life style, not just a hobby.


      More lifting and less talking in the gym.

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