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      mutagenesis of PSB by NTG can have significant effect?

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      NTG – nitrosoguanidine (N-methyl-N’-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine – MNNG) modify bases and/or phosphates by alkylating them. The DNA becomes distorted as a result and the ability of proteins to recognize and bind correctly is hindered.

      I know what NTG is, but what is PSB, not everyone is familiar with these abbreviations

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      thank u for ur reply.
      psb mean phosphate solubilizing bacteria.
      what method can be used to meaure the gluconic acid concentration?
      how can detect the p solubilizing activity of bacteria quantitatively?

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      OK. I think your question is very professional and many viewers may be unfamiliar with this. I think you could search reference database to find what you need. Hope this helps.

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      Participant measures p solubilization by clear-zone formation around colonies on agar plates (the agar medium must contain, in addition to the usual nutrients, an insoluble suspension of phosphate (CaPO4 perhaps) salts of some kind: a clear “halo” forms around colonies that are solubilizing the phosphate; how wide the halo is is a measure of the degree of p-solubilization activity). … .tb13383.x

      Comparison of two different plate (“halo”) media. Also does a quantitative solubilization assay in liquid cultures by determining the amount of CaPO4 remaining in the medium after a set incubation period using a colorimetric phosphate assay. … med_docsum … s=14506853

      Two papers talking about gluconic acid and p-solubiliztion. Don’t know if you have access to these journals or not. The refs given in the paper should help find a suitable assay for gluconic acid. I would guess there’s HPLC and/or spectrophotometric/colorimetric assays. Keto-glutarate, for example, is (if I remember correctly) an orcinol-positive sugar, but then so are many sugars so if it needs to be specific, there has to be some sort of separation before quantitation.

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      That should’ve been keto-glucuronate, not glutarate (which may or may not be orcinol-positive, but isn’t a sugar anyway).

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      thank u for ur answer.
      i have problem to get pdf from ur websites.
      our country cannot open full text.
      so, can u help me to get full text?
      my email is
      thanks a lot.

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