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      Watching one of the botanical videos that daniel.kurz posted here (see link below), I noticed something interesting. The coleus shoot demonstrating a ‘negative gravitropic’ response moved down (i.e. clockwise) before it began to move in the opposite direction.

      The movement I’m talking about occurs in the first second of the film, therefore the first hour of the plant being on its side. It is slight, but noticeable, especially if you drag the scroll bar slowly from left to right.

      For the moment I’m separated from my textbooks, so can anyone tell me why this happens? … pisms.html

      Edit – this is also evident in the Arabidopsis negative gravitropism video.

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      dr. dugmore


      the plant must have slipped a mill or two because it had just been put there,
      dont worry,
      your text book is correct! 🙂

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