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      1. While under the influence of cocaine, some users report prolonged feelings of pleasure because dopamine
      a) reduces the refractory period of neurons
      b) remains in the synapse longer than normal
      c) increases the speed of nerve impulse transmission
      d) diffuses rapidly throughout the pleasure centres of the brain

      2. A hot foot results when a match is inserted in the side of a shoe and it lit. Very soon, the one recieving the hot foot
      1. jerks their leg
      2. feels the pain
      3. grabs their foot
      Which of the events requires a motor neuron?
      a) 1 and 2
      b) 2 and 3
      c) 1 and 3
      d) 1,2, and 3

      3. Shingles is caused by Herpes Zoster infection of the dorsal root ganglia. This disease would affect
      a) Motor impulses moving into the spinal cord
      b) Motor impulses moving out of the spinal cord
      c) Sensory impulses moving out of the spinal cord
      d) Sensory impulses moving into the spinal cord

      Help? I’m so lost. I thought I had the answers down, but now I’m having doubts 😥 The options are all very similiar.

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      You might want to read the rules about homework. Explain what you think might be true (or false) and where are your doubts.
      Or do you prefer to be told that d is correct for all 3 questions?

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      Oh, I’m so sorry!
      For the first once, I genuinely couldn’t decide between b, and d because both are true. What is your reasoning for going with d?
      Could you explain why you think d is the right answer for 2?
      I was leaning towards c since motor neurons are only responsible for execution through muscles and glands.
      And for 3 – well, I was just totally lost on 3. I couldn’t even narrow it down. All of them seemed right at one point. Again, if you don’t mind explaining your reasoning for choosing d?

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      Pure evil randomness, designed to make you challenge my points and show your work. So now let’s see if I can be of any help 👿

      So I would definitely say b for 1 (see: … _of_Action) because that is the cause of the feeling. Even if it was diffusing slowly it would have the same effect, but simply not as fast.

      for 2 you are probably right, and your reasoning appear sound.

      for 3 I would say c or d, based on what I know and can quickly find on the disease, but I really do not know which would be correct.

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      for 3 it’s d, sensory goes to the cord and motor away from, pretty logical.

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