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      Applied by me conception derives from social theory,
      similarly was in the case of C. R. Darwin which used
      conception of T.R. Malthus when he was elaborating
      conspectus of his theory in 1842. Earlier, in 2008 I
      worked out a framework of theory of social evolution,
      basing on logistic conception which was discovered by
      P.F.Verhulst in 1838.

      1. Biological evolution

      The term evolution introduced to biology Charles de Bonnet, Swiss naturalist from XVIII c. A biological evolution we call process of transformations of organisms within many generations, both with reference to transformations of their construction as and functions. It leads from more simple forms to more complex and developed. Eleven billions years took evolution to reach biological phase, but only three to reach first primitive organisms, and only several hundred millions to reach high developed and later intelligent animals. It is rather sure that it is not only perspective delusion arising because of passing of time – like optical delusion when we see close objects more precisely than far. I think that this development can be described the best by so called Logistic development.

      diagram 1. Logistic development

      In 1972 J.S.Gould and N.Eldredge proposed new conception of evolution – arising of specieses called Punctuationalism. In this theory speciation, takes place very quickly in not large populations. Can last thousands and even hundreds of years, what in scales of the geologic time counted in millions and hundreds of millions of years, has a punctual character. Sigmoid development describes exactly this conception, though hitherto was not at all considered its use in this intent.
      In mathematics logistic development coupled is with Normal distribution model. Turns out that also this model, which founds some applications in different disciplines, has important meaning for biology. Simple plants and gymnosperms include above 150 thousands specieses, angiosperms above 250 t. specieses, fungi 1,5 mln, insects about 1 mln, primitive animals tens thousands, fishes 24,5 t., reptiles 13 t., birds 9350, mammals 4630. Moreover the same conception describes evolution on higher levels, Mega – whole biological evolution and Giga – three phases of gigaevolution – see diag 2. Gradual changes on these levels can – in a greater temporal scale – show differentiation. In reference to biological megaevolution logistic theory clearly illustrates and can explain so called “Cambrian explosion” (590-545 millions of years). It shows that development after achievement of certain critical level suddenly accelerates – see end of text – mechanism of evolutional processes.

      2. Gigaevolution

      diagrams 2. Gigaevolution

      Quick biological phase was preceded by relatively stable astrophysicochemical phase. Attainment of relatively stable civilizational – psychosociocultural phase should take us hundreds years. On diagram 3 we can see Gigaevolution with more details. Cosmological megaevolution was leading from primordial explosion – nb. logistic development is its perfect model to arising of matter. Physical from fundamental particles and interactions to atoms and chemical elements. Chemical from inorganic to organic compounds. Biological from simple cells to intelligent hominids. Civilizational megaevolution is leading from simple backward culture to complex cosmical culture. It consists of three main subprocesses connected with three types of civilization, dependently from their cosmic range:
      – Type I, planetary, is connected with transition inside simple religious culture, about 10000 BC
      – Type II, civilization which is entering in interplanetary space, is connected with transition from simple religious culture to complex scientific culture, present and future time
      – Type III, which is entering in interstellar space, far future

      rest of text here:

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      author of text: Gregory Podgorniak
      text was created in 2008

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      Logistic development

      diagram. Logistic development

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