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      I know the calculation for "odds ratio" is:

      which is then rearranged to:

      This is the question:
      6) An epidemiological study is undertaken to examine the response of two groups of patients to a new drug
      treatment. The results are summarised in the following data tables.

      Patient group 1
      ———- (Positive response)—-(Adverse effects)
      Treatment——-14 ———————–28
      Placebo———– 9————————29

      Patient group 2
      ———-(Positive response)—-(Adverse effects)
      Treatment—— 16———————– 32
      Placebo———–7 ———————– 45

      "(a) Calculate the odds ratios for treatment for both of patient groups 1 and 2.

      (b) Calculate odds ratio for treatment on aggregated data (i.e. both patient groups combined)"

      For (a) I applied the formula and got "1" which seems right, because all the research done say’s so lol.

      For (b) I am stuck, because I don’t understand how I would come about placing the numbers into the equation. I have done two equations and both of them I recieved okay numbers (i.e one number above 1 and one under 1) whih is expected but the mthod used is different. I just don’t know what to do 🙁 Can anyone please help?

      Thanks in advance x

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      Anyone? 🙁

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