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      I did a lab that isolated the DNA of an onion, and then measured its weight. However, for my lab report, I need to formulate a quantitative hypothesis and support that hypothesis with previous research. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone knew of any research regarding the amount of DNA in onions, specifically yellow/red onions. I have tried googling the amount of DNA in onions, however, all that turned up was lab procedures.

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      you must state an hypothesis –> this doesn’t have to be right. That’s why you examine the hypothesis with an experiment.

      –> an example of an hypothesis: i expect that the amount of DNA in an onion will be less then in humans.

      This can be tested with an experiment. Note: in an hypothesis you don’t give an explanation for your guess.

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      I ran across an article from a harvard publication which may shed light on the topic a bit.

      http://www.news.harvard.edu/gazette/200 … onion.html

      This is the citation to the article they reference by Dmitri Petrov:

      Evidence for DNA Loss as a Determinant of Genome Size, Dmitri A. Petrov, Todd A. Sangster, J. Spencer Johnston, Daniel L. Hartl, Kerry L. Shaw , Science, Vol. 287, Number 5455 Issue of 11 Feb 2000, pp. 1060 – 1062

      hope it can help you in some way:)

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