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      okay this is my homework question…

      a plant cell (1%) is placed in a beaker of (5%) salt water. Answer the following:

      1. In terms of osmosis determine the direction of water movement.
      2. Which environment is hypotonic and hypertonic.
      3. Will turgor pressure increase or decrease?

      i dont really get it because i dont know if you can answer the questions because it says “a plant cell (1%)..” but 1% of what?? i dont know ..

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      the plant has 1% salt concentration while the water has 5%. Good luck.

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      It is a simple osmosis question.Think about the concentrations and water flow and such. Try to find the meanings of “hypertonic” and “hypotonic”. ( A hint: Hyper- is used to indicate that something is more. Think about hypertension.) I’m sure you will find the answers. Good luck. 🙂

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      the concentration of solutes flow from high to low, but water moves in the opposite direction. If solutes move into the cell, water will flow out to reach equilibrium. Hypo- means water moves in and the cell will swell. Hyper- means water moves out and cells will shrink.

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      As mithrilhack said
      the plant has 1% salt concentration while the water has 5% salt concn.
      so the water surrounding the plant cell become hypertonic as salt concn. is more and the matrix of cell becomes hypotonic.

      In smosis water moves from hypotonic to hypertonic solution.

      so water in the matrix of the cell will come out and the cell will shrink.

      I hope u can understand this well.Good bye. 😛

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