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      Hello everyone.
      I have a homework that I hope someone can help me with and I want to apologise in advance for my englisch. 🙂 I’ll try to translate my homework as best as I can:
      -Patients in a hospital need to recive salt salvent with concentracion of 0,9%. By mistake some recived 9% and some 0,09% and they all got very sick.
      I am supposed to explain why they got sick using Osmosis/Diffusion theory.
      Thanks everyone!

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      So figure out the salt concentration in blood and predict

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      how hard is that?
      think a little

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      I believe it is easy for people who are interested in biology or know at least the basics,but I don’t belong in either group so a concrete answer would be more helpful.Thanks

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      Well, if you read on osmosis, and what it does to cells, especially animal cells, it would help with your answer. A hint would be hypertonic and hypotonic solutions. Hopefully this is useful :D.

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      hi,,sorry for my bad English but i will try to explain it for you and if you dont understand it just tell me…

      when the patient received 9% instead of 0.9% :
      so the water in the cell transfer from the low concentracion of slat to the high concentracion(which is outside the cell) that is called osmosis water move from low concentracion of salt to high concentracion … so the cell will shrink because of the lessens in water inside it.

      when the patient received 0.09% instead of 0.9% :

      the high concentracion of the slat transfer to the low concentracion of the slat(to have the same concentracion of salt from the two sides outside and inside the cell),,, so the slat inside the cell moved to the low concentracion of the salt(because outside the cell there are low concentracion of salt) and after it move we will have the same concentracion of salt inside and outside the celll ….

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      In cell also have water, when it transfer from the low concentration of slat to the high concentration, It is called osmosis. When water move from low concentration of salt to high concentration, At that time cell will shrink because of the lessens in water inside it. It happens when the patient receives nine percent instead of 0.9 %.

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