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      i am doing a project dealing with the pH of water

      can anyone tell me what effects does high and low pH have on the human body?

      so far all i can find is that low pH can cause nausea ,vomitting, and diarrhea.

      help would really be appreciated 😀

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      that is called acidosis. Ohter symptoms include:water retention, recessed eyes, arthritis, headache, low blood pressure, dry hard stool,
      and other bowel problems, bumps on the tongue etc..

      Some causes are adrenal, kidney, and liver disorders, , improper diet, etc..

      But are you refering to intake of water that is low or high pH as a cause?

      High pH is called Alkalosis (pH Values above 6.8 )

      This is a bit less common than acidosis. It effects the nervous system.
      Also there would include sore muscles, hypertension, vomiting, problems with blood clotting too rapidly, thickening of the skin,seizures..etc
      This is the worse of the two conditions.

      Certain foods can be acid or alkaline forming in the body. Thats why cranberry juice is recommended by doctors to creaate more non-friendly enviroment for bacteria in the urinary tract.

      I am sure there is lots of info with in depth description if you google it.
      Acidosis or Alkalosis.


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