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      Hi Guys could you please help me to find the most correct answer. Thanks

      1.What is a dominant activator?

      one copy of an oncogene has been mutated and causes uncontrolled cell growth
      a proto-oncogene that has stimulated caspases
      viral reverse transcriptase
      when a gene is mutated to stimulate cell division in the homozygous recessive form
      a cellular homologue of a viral oncogene

      2.How do tumor retrovirus promote cancer?

      they cause the cells to detach from the basement membrane and metastasize
      they carry an oncogene that promotes cancer
      they cause cells to stop dividing and go into senescence
      they infect cells and the infection causes cancer
      they integrate into the genome and promote growth via the positional effect

      3.In which of the following classes of genes do mutant genes fail to repress cell division?

      Silencer genes
      Tumor suppressor genes
      Operator genes
      Promoter genes

      4.The reason v-oncs cause cancer whereas normal c-oncs do not is because:

      More than one v-onc occurs in the tumor cell
      C-oncs are never expressed except when infected by a retrovirus
      Expression of both the v-onc and the c-onc is enough to cause transformation
      The v-oncs are expressed at much higher levels from the strong retroviral promoter than are c-oncs
      All of these

      5.Which of the following is the best example of a tumor-suppressor gene?

      The RB gene involved in retinoblastoma
      C-myc involved in Burkitt’s lymphoma.
      Philadelphia chromosome in chronic myelogenous leukemia
      Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)
      C- ras involved in human bladder cancer

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      Read the rules and the post about homework, and come back with your own suggestions.

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      1 2 and 3 are general knowledge things, 4 and 5 you can rely on wiki if you forgot what those are, but dont do it because i am going to make some adjustments to them LOL

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