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      Hi, iam stuck with these questions… i tried doing some research but some remain unanswered

      True or false .
      12) Unabated at the current rate, cyclic photosynthesis will one day convert all available planetary water
      into oxygen.
      8.) Cooperativity is rare in enzymes with tertiary structure.
      9) Glycolysis is inefficient and therefore rarely found in present day organisms.

      19) The protons of the thylakoid space come entirely from protons that once were in the stroma

      21) Evolutionary adaptations which mitigate photorespiration include
      A) RUBISCO
      B) Separating the light reactions from the carbon fixing reactions in space
      C) Separating the light reactions from the carbon fixing reactions in time
      D) B or C depending on the plant

      22) On the Planet Smudge there is a type of autotrophic organism which absorbs light of at 250 nm
      and powers its strange “metabolism” with it. What do you automatically know about this organism.
      A) It is likely a normal flowering plant like we have here on Earth
      B) It likely to have a chlorophyll-like photosynthetic pigment and resemble modern algae
      C) It would have a photosystem I like that found in algae on the Planet Earth, but no PSII
      D) It would be nothing like anything here on Earth, and in fact intact carbon biochemistry in it is
      dubious due to the high energy of light at 250 nm.

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      12) if taking into account also animals and everything, than false
      8) I would say true (it would be somethig else, if there was 4nary structure)
      9) true and false makes false 😉
      21) D
      22) D (but I don’t think, it has to be dubious, as there are many substances, which can absorb at 250nm (in fact, EVERYTHING absorbs in UV))

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