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      Which is a bigger cell. Could the size of cell vary between potatos and onions? For instance could one potato cell be smaller than an onion cell from two samples…then from two other different samples, the potato cell is bigger than the onion cell? Also critique my hypothesis for my lab report….Potato cells are bigger than onion cells due to the presence of starch granules in potato cells. Are onion cells usually bigger than potato cells and why?

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      you’re comparing two different types of cells btw, you’re comparing root(potato) cells to leaf(onion) cells.

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      It seems to me that you only comparing their size? If that is the task, well it is ok. If not, you could discuss the comparison of the characteristics of them rather than the size. I think it is not the best idea just to compare, as what mith said, because they are from different part, thus they have different structure. If you analyze about the characteristics, for example, how they are arranged, the structure of those cells, etc. it would be nicer. Just an opinion tho 🙂

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