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      I’ve just been reading about cloning from somatic cells and in particular the example of Dolly the sheep, and there’s just one thing I’m not sure about…

      Why were two donor sheep used to clone Dolly? i.e. Why were the cytoplasmic donor and the nuclear donor not the same sheep? Surely if the somatic nucleus and the female germ cell had come from the same sheep the resulting lamb would be a ‘better’ clone since its mitochondrial genome would also be the same as that of the donor sheep…

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      Because then you can prove you can clone males.

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      Males or female, I would say the point is with that you can really easily prove that the clone is really the produce of the experiment and not a freakish accident. If you have the correct markers it is easy to show that the mt an nuclear genomes are coming from the 2 different individuals, ergo that your cloning worked.

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